Chapter 66.12 RCW



66.12.010Wine or beer manufactured for home use.
66.12.030Licensed manufacturers not prevented from storing liquorTransshipment in interstate, foreign commerceInterstate, foreign transactions protected.
66.12.060Pharmaceutical preparations, patent medicines, denatured alcohol.
66.12.070Medicinal, culinary, and toilet preparations not usable as beveragesSample and analysisClearly labeled.
66.12.110Duty-free alcoholic beverages for personal use.
66.12.120Bringing alcoholic beverages into state from another statePayment of markup and tax.
66.12.125Alcohol for use as fuelLegislative finding and declaration.
66.12.130Alcohol for use as fuel in motor vehicles, farm implements, machines, etc., or in combination with other petroleum products for use as fuel.
66.12.140Use of alcoholic beverages in culinary, restaurant, or food fermentation courses.
66.12.145Persons engaged in medical or dental pursuitsPersons engaged in mechanical, manufacturing, or scientific pursuits.
66.12.150Beer or wine offered by hospital or nursing home for consumption on the premises.
66.12.160Manufacture or sale of confections or food containing liquor.
66.12.170Obtaining liquor for manufacturing confections or food products.
66.12.180Wine commissionWine donationsPromotional activities.
66.12.185Beer commissionBeer or malt donationsPromotional activities.
66.12.195Legislative gift centerSelling wine for off-premises consumption.
66.12.230Washington grain commission.
66.12.240Wedding boutiques and art galleries.