Chapter 64.36 RCW



HTMLPDF 64.36.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 64.36.020Registration required before advertisement, solicitation, or offerRequirements for registrationExemption authorizedPenalties.
HTMLPDF 64.36.025Timeshare interest reservationDefinitionRegistration requiredPromoter's obligationsDepositsEscrowPurchaser cancellation rightsInsolvency prior to completion.
HTMLPDF 64.36.028Timeshare interestIncomplete projects or facilitiesPromoter's obligationsFundsPurchaser's rights.
HTMLPDF 64.36.030Application for registrationContents.
HTMLPDF 64.36.035Applications for registration, consents to service, affidavits, and permits to marketAuthorized signatures requiredCorporate shield disclaimer prohibited.
HTMLPDF 64.36.040Application for registrationWhen effective.
HTMLPDF 64.36.050Timeshare offeringDuration of registrationRenewalAmendmentPenalties.
HTMLPDF 64.36.060Application for registrationAcceptance of disclosure documentsWaiver of informationAdditional information.
HTMLPDF 64.36.070Registration as timeshare salesperson requiredExemption.
HTMLPDF 64.36.081Fees.
HTMLPDF 64.36.085Inspections of projectsIdentification of inspectors.
HTMLPDF 64.36.090Disciplinary action against a timeshare salesperson's application, registration, or licenseUnprofessional conduct.
HTMLPDF 64.36.100Disciplinary actionUnprofessional conductOther conduct, acts, or conditions.
HTMLPDF 64.36.110Requirements of transfer of promoter's interestNotice to purchaser.
HTMLPDF 64.36.120Good faith requiredProvision relieving person from duty prohibitedOut-of-state jurisdiction or venue designation void.
HTMLPDF 64.36.130Impoundment of proceeds from sales authorizedEstablishment of trusts, escrows, etc.
HTMLPDF 64.36.140Disclosure documentContents.
HTMLPDF 64.36.150Disclosure document to prospective purchasersCancellation and refundVoidable agreement.
HTMLPDF 64.36.160Application of liability provisions.
HTMLPDF 64.36.170NoncomplianceUnfair practice under chapter 19.86 RCW.
HTMLPDF 64.36.185Director's powersEmployment of outside persons for advice on project operating budgetReimbursement by promoterNotice and hearing.
HTMLPDF 64.36.195Assurances of discontinuanceViolation of assurance constitutes unprofessional conduct.
HTMLPDF 64.36.200Cease and desist orderNotificationHearing.
HTMLPDF 64.36.210Unlawful actsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 64.36.220Injunction, restraining order, writ of mandamusCosts and attorney's feesPenaltiesAppointment of receiver or conservator.
HTMLPDF 64.36.225Liability of registrant or applicant for costs of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 64.36.240Liability for violation of chapter.
HTMLPDF 64.36.250Appointment of director to receive serviceRequirements for effective service.
HTMLPDF 64.36.260Certain acts not constituting findings or approval by the directorCertain representations unlawful.
HTMLPDF 64.36.270Rules, forms, and ordersInterpretive opinions.
HTMLPDF 64.36.290Application of chapters 21.20, 58.19, and 19.105 RCWExemption of certain camping and outdoor recreation enterprises.
HTMLPDF 64.36.310Copy of advertisement to be filed with director before publicationApplication of chapter limited.
HTMLPDF 64.36.320Free gifts, awards, and prizesSecurity arrangement required of promisorOther requirementsPrivate causes of action.
HTMLPDF 64.36.330Membership lists available for members and ownersConditionsExclusion of members' names from listCommercial use of list.
HTMLPDF 64.36.340Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
HTMLPDF 64.36.350Military training or experience.
HTMLPDF 64.36.351Spouses of military personnelRegistration.
HTMLPDF 64.36.900Short title.