Chapter 61.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 61.12.010Encumbrances shall be by deed.
HTMLPDF 61.12.020MortgageFormContentsEffect.
HTMLPDF 61.12.030Removal of property from mortgaged premisesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 61.12.040ForeclosureVenue.
HTMLPDF 61.12.050When remedy confined to mortgaged property.
HTMLPDF 61.12.060JudgmentOrder of saleSatisfactionUpset price.
HTMLPDF 61.12.061Exception as to mortgages held by the United States.
HTMLPDF 61.12.070Decree to direct deficiencyWaiver in complaint.
HTMLPDF 61.12.080Deficiency judgmentHow enforced.
HTMLPDF 61.12.090Execution on decreeProcedure.
HTMLPDF 61.12.093Abandoned improved real estatePurchaser takes free of redemption rights.
HTMLPDF 61.12.094Abandoned improved real estateDeficiency judgment precludedComplaint, requisites, service.
HTMLPDF 61.12.095Abandoned improved real estateNot applicable to property used primarily for agricultural purposes.
HTMLPDF 61.12.100Levy for deficiency under same execution.
HTMLPDF 61.12.110Notice of sale on deficiency.
HTMLPDF 61.12.120Concurrent actions prohibited.
HTMLPDF 61.12.130Payment of sums dueStay of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 61.12.140Sale in parcels to pay installments due.
HTMLPDF 61.12.150Sale of whole propertyDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 61.12.170Recording.
HTMLPDF 61.12.180Foreclosure of reverse residential mortgageNotice.
HTMLPDF 61.12.190Mortgages, deeds of trust.
HTMLPDF 61.12.200Consumer protection actUnfair or deceptive acts or practicesPenaltiesNotice.


Community realty, encumbering: RCW 26.16.040.
Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
Foreclosure by organizations not admitted to transact business in state: Chapter 23B.18 RCW.
Mortgagee cannot maintain action for possession: RCW 7.28.230.
Mortgaging of decedents' estates: Chapter 11.56 RCW.
Notice and sale summary foreclosure of personal property liens: Chapter 60.10 RCW.
Partition, sales on credit: RCW 7.52.290, 7.52.420.
Possession of real estate to collect mortgaged rents and profits: RCW 7.28.230.
Sales under execution and redemption: Chapter 6.21 RCW.