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Chapter 6.21 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.21.010Application of chapter to district courts.
HTMLPDF 6.21.020Notice of salePersonal property.
HTMLPDF 6.21.030Notice of saleReal propertyForm for publication.
HTMLPDF 6.21.040Notice of sale of real propertyForm of notice to judgment debtor.
HTMLPDF 6.21.050Time and place of salePostponements.
HTMLPDF 6.21.060Amount of property to be soldOfficers and deputies may not purchase.
HTMLPDF 6.21.070Manner of sale of personal propertyBill of saleSheriff's deed if real estate contract.
HTMLPDF 6.21.080Redemption rightsSale of short term leasehold and vendor's interest under real estate contract absolute.
HTMLPDF 6.21.090Manner of selling real estateSale by lot, acreMeasurement.
HTMLPDF 6.21.100Sale of real property to highest bidderSheriff's return and certificate of sale.
HTMLPDF 6.21.110Confirmation of saleObjectionsResaleDistribution of sale proceedsFiling of certificate.
HTMLPDF 6.21.120Sheriff's deed to real property sold.
HTMLPDF 6.21.130Effect of reversal of judgment on sale of real property.