Chapter 6.17 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.17.010Application of chapter to district courts.
HTMLPDF 6.17.020Execution authorized within 10 yearsExceptionsFeeRecoverable cost.
HTMLPDF 6.17.030Execution in name of assignee or personal representative.
HTMLPDF 6.17.040Stay of executionBondTime periods.
HTMLPDF 6.17.050Stay of executionJudgment against surety on bond if not paid.
HTMLPDF 6.17.060Kinds of execution.
HTMLPDF 6.17.070Execution in particular cases.
HTMLPDF 6.17.080Enforcement of judgment against local governmental entity.
HTMLPDF 6.17.090Property liable to execution.
HTMLPDF 6.17.100Affidavit of judgment creditorFiling required before issuance of writContents.
HTMLPDF 6.17.110Form and contents of writ.
HTMLPDF 6.17.120Sheriff's duty on receiving writOrder of executing writs.
HTMLPDF 6.17.130Sheriff's execution and service of writSale dateNotice to judgment debtor.
HTMLPDF 6.17.140Sheriff's execution of writSatisfaction of judgmentProceeds to clerkDistribution of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 6.17.150Clerk's duty on receipt of execution proceeds.
HTMLPDF 6.17.160Sheriff's execution of writManner of levy.
HTMLPDF 6.17.170Levy on jointly owned real estate.
HTMLPDF 6.17.180Levy on jointly owned personal property.
HTMLPDF 6.17.190Retention of property by judgment debtorOn bond or approval of judgment creditor.