Chapter 6.15 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.15.010Exempt property.
HTMLPDF 6.15.020Pension money exemptExceptionsTransfer of spouse's interest in employee benefit plan.
HTMLPDF 6.15.025Exemption of pension or retirement plan benefits from execution for judgment for out-of-state income tax.
HTMLPDF 6.15.030Insurance money on exempt property exempt.
HTMLPDF 6.15.040Separate property of spouse exempt.
HTMLPDF 6.15.050Exemptions under RCW 6.15.010Limitations on exemptions.
HTMLPDF 6.15.060Manner of claiming exemptionsAppraisementAppraiser's fee.
HTMLPDF 6.15.070Procedure if value of property claimed exempt exceeds exemptible value.
HTMLPDF 6.15.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Exemptions from execution, etc., generally:
cemetery grounds: RCW 68.20.120 and 68.24.220.
child support obligations and earnings of nonobligated spouse or domestic partner: RCW 26.16.200.
crime victims' compensation: RCW 7.68.070 and 51.32.040.
earnings, amount of exempt from garnishment of employer: RCW 6.27.150.
homesteads: Chapter 6.13 RCW.
industrial insurance benefits: RCW 51.32.040.
insurance, proceeds of annuity, disability, life and group life: RCW 48.18.400 through 48.18.430.
property exempt from seizure: RCW 6.32.250.
public assistance, benefits, money of recipients in institutions: RCW 74.08.210, 74.13.070.
public retirement, insurance benefits
city employees, statewide system: RCW 41.44.240.
first-class cities, personnel and police: RCW 41.28.200, 41.20.180.
fraternal benefit society benefits: RCW 48.36A.180.
judges: RCW 2.10.180, 2.12.090.
law enforcement officers and firefighters: RCW 41.26.053.
state employees: RCW 41.40.052.
teachers: RCW 41.32.055.
volunteer firefighters: RCW 41.24.240.
Washington state patrol: RCW 43.43.310.
unemployment compensation benefits: RCW 50.40.020.
work release participants, earnings of: RCW 72.65.060.