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Chapter applies to rental agreements regarding mobile home lots, cooperatives, or subdivisionsApplicability of and construction with provisions of chapters 59.12 and 59.18 RCW.

This chapter shall regulate and determine legal rights, remedies, and obligations arising from any rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant regarding a mobile home lot and including specified amenities within the mobile home park, mobile home park cooperative, or mobile home park subdivision, where the tenant has no ownership interest in the property or in the association which owns the property, whose uses are referred to as a part of the rent structure paid by the tenant. All such rental agreements shall be unenforceable to the extent of any conflict with any provision of this chapter. Chapter 59.12 RCW shall be applicable only in implementation of the provisions of this chapter and not as an alternative remedy to this chapter which shall be exclusive where applicable: PROVIDED, That the provision of RCW 59.12.090, 59.12.100, and 59.12.170 shall not apply to any rental agreement included under the provisions of this chapter. RCW 59.18.055, 59.18.640, 59.18.365, 59.18.370, and 59.18.380 through 59.18.410 shall be applicable to any action of forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer arising from a tenancy under the provisions of this chapter, except when a mobile home, manufactured home, or park model or a tenancy in a mobile home lot is abandoned. Rentals of mobile homes, manufactured homes, or park models themselves are governed by the residential landlord-tenant act, chapter 59.18 RCW.


FindingIntentApplicationEffective date2021 c 115: See notes following RCW 59.18.620.
Severability1981 c 304: See note following RCW 26.16.030.
Severability1979 ex.s. c 186: See note following RCW 59.20.030.
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