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Alternative method of land divisionBinding site plans.

A city, town, or county may adopt by ordinance procedures for the divisions of land by use of a binding site plan as an alternative to the procedures required by this chapter. The ordinance shall be limited and only apply to one or more of the following: (1) The use of a binding site plan to divisions for sale or lease of commercially or industrially zoned property as provided in RCW 58.17.040(4); (2) divisions of property for lease as provided for in RCW 58.17.040(5); and (3) divisions of property as provided for in RCW 58.17.040(7). Such ordinance may apply the same or different requirements and procedures to each of the three types of divisions and shall provide for the alteration or vacation of the binding site plan, and may provide for the administrative approval of the binding site plan.
The ordinance shall provide that after approval of the general binding site plan for industrial or commercial divisions subject to a binding site plan, the approval for improvements and finalization of specific individual commercial or industrial lots shall be done by administrative approval.
The binding site plan, after approval, and/or when specific lots are administratively approved, shall be filed with the county auditor with a record of survey. Lots, parcels, or tracts created through the binding site plan procedure shall be legal lots of record. The number of lots, tracts, parcels, sites, or divisions shall not exceed the number of lots allowed by the local zoning ordinances.
All provisions, conditions, and requirements of the binding site plan shall be legally enforceable on the purchaser or any other person acquiring a lease or other ownership interest of any lot, parcel, or tract created pursuant to the binding site plan.
Any sale, transfer, or lease of any lot, tract, or parcel created pursuant to the binding site plan, that does not conform to the requirements of the binding site plan or without binding site plan approval, shall be considered a violation of chapter 58.17 RCW and shall be restrained by injunctive action and be illegal as provided in chapter 58.17 RCW.
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