Chapter 51.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.52.010Board of industrial insurance appeals.
HTMLPDF 51.52.020BoardRule-making power.
HTMLPDF 51.52.030BoardExpenses.
HTMLPDF 51.52.040BoardRemoval of member.
HTMLPDF 51.52.050Service of departmental actionDemand for repaymentOrders amending benefitsReconsideration or appeal.
HTMLPDF 51.52.060Notice of appealTimeCross-appealDepartmental options.
HTMLPDF 51.52.063After notice of appealContact with medical providers restrictedRules.
HTMLPDF 51.52.070Contents of noticeTransmittal of record.
HTMLPDF 51.52.075Appeal from order terminating provider's authority to provide servicesDepartment petition for order immediately suspending provider's eligibility to participate.
HTMLPDF 51.52.080Appeal to board denied, when.
HTMLPDF 51.52.090Appeal to board deemed granted, when.
HTMLPDF 51.52.095Conference for disposal of matters involved in appealMediation of disputes.
HTMLPDF 51.52.100Proceedings before boardContempt.
HTMLPDF 51.52.102Hearing the appealDismissalEvidenceContinuances.
HTMLPDF 51.52.104Industrial appeals judgeRecommended decision and orderPetition for reviewFinality of order.
HTMLPDF 51.52.106Review of decision and order.
HTMLPDF 51.52.110Court appealTaking the appeal.
HTMLPDF 51.52.112Court appealPayment of taxes, penalties, and interest required.
HTMLPDF 51.52.113Collection of tax or penalty may not be enjoined.
HTMLPDF 51.52.115Court appealProcedure at trialBurden of proof.
HTMLPDF 51.52.120Attorney's fee before department or boardUnlawful attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 51.52.130Attorney and witness fees in court appeal.
HTMLPDF 51.52.132Unlawful attorney's fees.
HTMLPDF 51.52.135Worker or beneficiary entitled to interest on awardRate.
HTMLPDF 51.52.140Rules of practiceDuties of attorney generalSupreme court appeal.
HTMLPDF 51.52.150Costs on appeals.
HTMLPDF 51.52.160Publication and indexing of significant decisions.
HTMLPDF 51.52.200ExceptionEmployers as parties to actions relating to compensation or assistance for victims of crimes.
HTMLPDF 51.52.800Workers' compensation study.