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Chapter 51.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.08.010Meaning of words.
HTMLPDF 51.08.012"Accredited school."
HTMLPDF 51.08.013"Acting in the course of employment."
HTMLPDF 51.08.014"Agriculture."
HTMLPDF 51.08.015"Amount," "payment," "premium," "contribution," "assessment."
HTMLPDF 51.08.018"Average monthly wage."
HTMLPDF 51.08.020"Beneficiary."
HTMLPDF 51.08.030"Child."
HTMLPDF 51.08.040"Department."
HTMLPDF 51.08.050"Dependent."
HTMLPDF 51.08.060"Director."
HTMLPDF 51.08.070"Employer"Exception.
HTMLPDF 51.08.095"Health services provider""Provider."
HTMLPDF 51.08.100"Injury."
HTMLPDF 51.08.110"Invalid."
HTMLPDF 51.08.121"New medical issue."
HTMLPDF 51.08.140"Occupational disease."
HTMLPDF 51.08.142"Occupational disease"Exclusion of mental conditions caused by stress, except for certain firefighters.
HTMLPDF 51.08.150"Permanent partial disability."
HTMLPDF 51.08.160"Permanent total disability."
HTMLPDF 51.08.165"Posttraumatic stress disorder."
HTMLPDF 51.08.173"Self-insurer."
HTMLPDF 51.08.175"State fund""State of Washington industrial insurance fund."
HTMLPDF 51.08.177"Successor."
HTMLPDF 51.08.178"Wages"Monthly wages as basis of compensationComputation thereof.
HTMLPDF 51.08.180"Worker"Exceptions.
HTMLPDF 51.08.181"Worker"Registered contractor and electrician exclusions.
HTMLPDF 51.08.185"Employee."
HTMLPDF 51.08.195"Employer" and "worker"Additional exception.
HTMLPDF 51.08.200Attending provider.
HTMLPDF 51.08.900ConstructionTitle applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.