Chapter 50.29 RCW



50.29.021Experience rating accountsBenefits not charged.
50.29.025Contribution rates.
50.29.026Modification of contribution rate.
50.29.027Benefit ratio computed for 1985 and thereafter.
50.29.030"Wages" defined for purpose of prorating benefit charges.
50.29.041Contribution rateSolvency surcharge.
50.29.062Contribution rates for predecessor and successor employers.
50.29.063Predecessor or successor employersTransfer to obtain reduced array calculation factor rateEvasion of successor provisionsPenalties.
50.29.064Rules to implement 2006 c 47.
50.29.065Notice of benefits paid and charged to employer's account.
50.29.070Notice of employer benefit charges and rate of contributionReview and appeal.
50.29.080Redetermination and correction of employer's contribution rate.
50.29.090Contribution rates for client employers.
50.29.105Department-approved deferred payment contractsDepartment determination of eligibilityNotice.