Chapter 49.12 RCW



49.12.020Conditions of employmentWages.
49.12.033Administration and enforcement of chapter by director of labor and industries.
49.12.041Investigation of wages, hours and working conditionsStatements, inspections authorized.
49.12.050Employer's record of employees.
49.12.091Investigation informationFindingsRules prescribing minimum wages, working conditions.
49.12.105Variance orderApplicationIssuanceContentsTermination.
49.12.110Exceptions to minimum scaleSpecial certificate or permit.
49.12.121Wages and working conditions of minorsSpecial rulesWork permits.
49.12.123Work permit for minor required.
49.12.124Actors or performersWork permits and variances for minors.
49.12.130Witness protectedPenalty.
49.12.140Complaint of noncompliance.
49.12.150Civil action to recover underpayment.
49.12.180Annual report.
49.12.185Exemptions from chapter.
49.12.187Collective bargaining rights not affected.
49.12.200Women may pursue any calling open to men.
49.12.240Employee inspection of personnel file.
49.12.250Employee inspection of personnel fileErroneous or disputed information.
49.12.260Employee inspection of personnel fileLimitations.
49.12.265Sick leave, time offCare of family membersDefinitions.
49.12.270Sick leave, time offCare of family members.
49.12.275Sick leave, time offCare of family membersPoster required.
49.12.280Sick leave, time offCare of family membersAdministration and enforcement.
49.12.285Sick leave, time offCare of family membersMonetary penalties.
49.12.287Sick leave, time offCare of family membersDischarge of employee not permitted.
49.12.290Sick leave, time offCare of family membersCollective bargaining agreement not reduced.
49.12.295Sick leave, time offCare of family membersNotification of employers.
49.12.300House-to-house sales by minorRegistration of employer.
49.12.310House-to-house sales by minorAdvertising by employerPenalty.
49.12.350Parental leaveLegislative findings.
49.12.360Parental leaveDiscrimination prohibited.
49.12.370Parental leaveCollective bargaining agreement or employee benefit planApplication.
49.12.380Child labor lawsInformation program.
49.12.390Child labor lawsViolationsCivil penaltiesRestraining orders.
49.12.400Child labor lawsAppeal.
49.12.410Child labor lawsViolationsCriminal penalties.
49.12.420Child labor lawsExclusive remedies.
49.12.450Compensation for required employee work apparelExceptionsChanges.
49.12.460Volunteer firefighters, reserve officers, civil air patrol membersEmployer dutiesViolationsDefinitions.
49.12.471Farm internship pilot project.
49.12.480Meal and rest breaks for health care facility employees.
49.12.902Effective date1991 c 303 §§ 3-7.
49.12.903ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Reviser's note: Throughout this chapter, the words "the committee" have been substituted for "the industrial welfare commission" or "the commission."
The industrial welfare commission was abolished and its powers and duties transferred to a new agency by the administrative code of 1921. In particular, 1921 c 7 § 135 abolished the commission while 1921 c 7 § 82 created an unnamed committee "which shall have the power and it shall be its duty:
(1) To exercise all the powers and perform all the duties now vested in, and required to be performed by, the industrial welfare commission."
1921 c 7 § 82 was codified by the 1941 Code Committee as RCW 43.22.280, wherein the Code Committee revised the wording of the session law to designate the unnamed committee as the "industrial welfare committee." The committee was apparently commonly known by that name, but such designation has no foundation in the statutes. RCW 43.22.280 was repealed by 1982 c 163 § 23. Powers, duties, and functions of the industrial welfare committee were transferred to the director of labor and industries. See RCW 43.22.282.
Child labor: RCW 26.28.060, 26.28.070.
Food and beverage establishment workers' permits: Chapter 69.06 RCW.
Hours of labor: Chapter 49.28 RCW.
Paid sick leave required: RCW 49.46.200, 49.46.210.