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Operation planContents.

The plan of operation submitted by the board to the commissioner shall:
(1) Establish procedures for the handling and accounting of assets and moneys of the pool;
(2) Establish regular times and places for meetings of the board of directors;
(3) Establish procedures for records to be kept of all financial transactions and for an annual fiscal reporting to the commissioner;
(4) Contain additional provisions necessary and proper for the execution of the powers and duties of the pool;
(5) Establish procedures for the collection of assessments from all members to provide for claims paid under the plan and for administrative expenses incurred or estimated to be incurred during the period for which the assessment is made;
(6) Establish the amount of assessment pursuant to RCW 48.41.060, which shall occur after March 1st of each calendar year, and which shall be due and payable within thirty days of the receipt of the assessment notice;
(7) Select an administrator in accordance with RCW 48.41.080;
(8) Develop and implement a program to publicize the existence of the plan, the eligibility requirements and procedures for enrollment, and to maintain public awareness of the plan; and
(9) Establish procedures under which applicants and participants may have grievances reviewed by an impartial body and reported to the board.
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