Chapter 48.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.20.002Scope of chapter.
HTMLPDF 48.20.012Format of disability policies.
HTMLPDF 48.20.013Return of policy and refund of premiumNotice requiredEffect of return.
HTMLPDF 48.20.015Endorsements.
HTMLPDF 48.20.022Policies issued by domestic insurer for delivery in another state.
HTMLPDF 48.20.025Schedule of rates for individual health benefit plansLoss ratioDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.028Calculation of premiumsAdjusted community rating methodDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.029Calculation of premiumsMembers of a purchasing poolAdjusted community rating methodDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.032Standard provisions requiredSubstitutionsCaptions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.042Standard provision No. 1Entire contract; changes.
HTMLPDF 48.20.050Standard provision No. 2Misstatement of age or sex.
HTMLPDF 48.20.052Standard provision No. 3Time limit on certain defenses.
HTMLPDF 48.20.062Standard provision No. 4Grace period.
HTMLPDF 48.20.072Standard provision No. 5Reinstatement.
HTMLPDF 48.20.082Standard provision No. 6Notice of claim.
HTMLPDF 48.20.092Standard provision No. 7Claim forms.
HTMLPDF 48.20.102Standard provision No. 8Proofs of loss.
HTMLPDF 48.20.112Standard provision No. 9Time of payment of claims.
HTMLPDF 48.20.122Standard provision No. 10Payment of claims.
HTMLPDF 48.20.132Standard provision No. 11Physical examination and autopsy.
HTMLPDF 48.20.142Standard provision No. 12Legal actions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.152Standard provision No. 13Change of beneficiary.
HTMLPDF 48.20.162Optional standard provisions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.172Optional standard provision No. 14Change of occupation.
HTMLPDF 48.20.192Optional standard provision No. 15Other insurance in this insurer.
HTMLPDF 48.20.202Optional standard provision No. 16Insurance with other insurers (Provision of service or expense incurred basis).
HTMLPDF 48.20.212Optional standard provision No. 17Insurance with other insurers.
HTMLPDF 48.20.222Optional standard provision No. 18Relation of earnings to insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.20.232Optional standard provision No. 19Unpaid premium.
HTMLPDF 48.20.242Optional standard provision No. 20Cancellation.
HTMLPDF 48.20.252Optional standard provision No. 21Conformity with state statutes.
HTMLPDF 48.20.262Optional standard provision No. 22Illegal occupation.
HTMLPDF 48.20.282Order of certain policy provisions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.292Third party ownership.
HTMLPDF 48.20.302Requirements of other jurisdictions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.312Age limit.
HTMLPDF 48.20.340"Family expense disability insurance" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.20.350"Franchise plan" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.20.360Extended disability benefit.
HTMLPDF 48.20.380Incontestability after reinstatement.
HTMLPDF 48.20.385When injury caused by intoxication or use of narcotics.
HTMLPDF 48.20.389Prescribed, self-administered anticancer medication.
HTMLPDF 48.20.390Podiatric medicine and surgery.
HTMLPDF 48.20.391Diabetes coverage.
HTMLPDF 48.20.392Prostate cancer screening.
HTMLPDF 48.20.393MammogramsInsurance coverage.
HTMLPDF 48.20.395Reconstructive breast surgery.
HTMLPDF 48.20.397Mastectomy, lumpectomy.
HTMLPDF 48.20.410Optometry.
HTMLPDF 48.20.411Registered nurses or advanced registered nurses.
HTMLPDF 48.20.412Chiropractic.
HTMLPDF 48.20.414Psychological services.
HTMLPDF 48.20.416Dentistry.
HTMLPDF 48.20.417Dental services that are not subject to contract or provider agreement.
HTMLPDF 48.20.418Denturist services.
HTMLPDF 48.20.420Dependent child coverageContinuation for incapacity.
HTMLPDF 48.20.430Dependent child coverageFrom moment of birthCongenital anomaliesNotification of birth.
HTMLPDF 48.20.435Option to cover dependents under age twenty-six.
HTMLPDF 48.20.450Standardization and simplification of terms and coveragesDisclosure requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.20.460Standardization and simplificationMinimum standards for benefits and coverages.
HTMLPDF 48.20.470Standardization and simplificationOutline of coverageFormat and contents.
HTMLPDF 48.20.480Standardization and simplificationSimplified application formCoverage of loss from preexisting health condition.
HTMLPDF 48.20.490Continuation of coverage by former spouse and dependents.
HTMLPDF 48.20.500Coverage for adopted children.
HTMLPDF 48.20.510Cancellation of rider.
HTMLPDF 48.20.520Phenylketonuria.
HTMLPDF 48.20.525PrescriptionsPreapproval of individual claimsSubsequent rejection prohibitedWritten record required.
HTMLPDF 48.20.530Nonresident pharmacies.
HTMLPDF 48.20.550Fixed payment insuranceStandard disclosure form.
HTMLPDF 48.20.555Fixed payment insuranceBenefit restrictions.
HTMLPDF 48.20.580Mental health servicesDefinitionCoverage required, when.
HTMLPDF 48.20.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Approval of policy forms: RCW 48.18.100.
Assignment of policies: RCW 48.18.360.
Exemption of proceeds: RCW 48.18.400.
General provisions regarding filing, approval, contents of policies, execution, applications, etc.: Chapter 48.18 RCW.
Grounds for disapproval of policy forms: RCW 48.18.110.
Insurable interest, personal insurance, nonprofit organizations: RCW 48.18.030.
Minimum standard conditions and terminology for disability policies, established by commissioner: RCW 48.18.120(2).
Minor contracting for life or disability insurance: RCW 48.18.020.
Payment to person designated in policy or by assignment discharges insurer: RCW 48.18.370.
Rates, manuals, classificationsFiling: RCW 48.19.010(2).
Refusal to renew or cancellation of disability insurance: RCW 48.18.298, 48.18.299.