Chapter 47.60 RCW



47.60.010Ferry system, toll bridges, and facilities authorizedPower to contract, sell, and lease back.
47.60.013Emergency powers of governor to insure continued operation of ferry and toll bridge systemCost reimbursement.
47.60.015"Washington State Ferries"Name authorized.
47.60.017State ferry system a public mass transportation system.
47.60.020Eminent domainCondemnation proceedings.
47.60.030Existing contractsPrior negotiations and bids validated.
47.60.040Survey by department.
47.60.050Improvement of facilitiesFinancing.
47.60.060Revenue bonds authorizedIssuanceConditionsNegotiabilityInterim bonds.
47.60.080Determining amount of bonds to be issued.
47.60.090Sale of bondsDeposit, disbursement of proceeds.
47.60.100Bonds are legal investment for state moneys.
47.60.110Bondholders may compel performance.
47.60.113Refunding bondsAuthorizationAmountInterestConditions.
47.60.114Refunding bondsPayable from revenues.
47.60.115Refunding bondsDispositionLaws applicable.
47.60.120Other crossingsInfringement of existing franchisesWaivers (as amended by 2003 c 83).
47.60.120Other crossingsInfringement of existing franchisesWaivers (as amended by 2003 c 373).
47.60.122Ferries, terminal facilitiesInterim revenue warrants authorized.
47.60.124Revenue refunding bonds to redeem interim warrants.
47.60.126Interim warrants and refunding bondsLaws applicable.
47.60.130Unit or combined operationContinuous projectRental, charter, lease of system propertySale of unneeded property.
47.60.135Charter of state ferriesHazardous materials.
47.60.140System as self-liquidating undertakingPowers of departmentConcessions.
47.60.145Historic ferriesAcquisition by qualified persons or organizations.
47.60.170Ferries revolving fundDeposit of excess funds.
47.60.200Consent to liability not general liability of state.
47.60.210Seamen may sue for injuriesVenue.
47.60.220Department as common carrierRights and liabilities.
47.60.230Liability for damages as to persons or property.
47.60.240Liability to persons other than shippers or passengersLimitation.
47.60.250Claim for damagesFilingContentsTime limitations.
47.60.260Payment of claims.
47.60.270Venue of actionsEnforcement of judgment.
47.60.275Local law enforcement officers on ferries and terminals.
47.60.280Ferry serviceLummi Island to Orcas IslandLimitation on operation.
47.60.282Ferry service between Port Townsend and KeystoneOperation authorized, when.
47.60.283Ferry service between Port Townsend and KeystonePurpose.
47.60.286Ferry user data survey.
47.60.290State ferriesReview of fares and pricing policiesProposals.
47.60.300State ferriesScope of reviewPeriodic reviews required.
47.60.310State ferriesLocal expressionsFerry advisory committees.
47.60.315Fares and pricing policiesAdoption scheduleRevenuesVessel replacement surcharges.
47.60.322Capital vessel replacement accountTransfer prohibition, authorization.
47.60.327Operational strategies for asset utilization.
47.60.330Public participationLegislative approval.
47.60.335Appropriation limitationsCapital program cost allocation.
47.60.340Vessel maintenance and preservation programReport.
47.60.345Life-cycle cost model on capital assets.
47.60.355Terminal and vessel preservation funding requestsPredesign study.
47.60.365Terminal and vessel design standards.
47.60.375Capital plan.
47.60.377Vessel rebuild and replacement plan.
47.60.385Terminal improvement, vessel improvement, and vessel acquisition project funding requestsPredesign studyPrioritization.
47.60.386Additional requirements for vessel improvement and vessel acquisition funding requests.
47.60.400Refunding bonds authorized, 1961 Act.
47.60.420Additional revenue bonds, refunding bonds, authorized, 1961 ActPrior charge against Puget Sound capital construction account if ferry system revenues insufficient.
47.60.430Additional revenue bonds, refunding bonds, authorized, 1961 ActAgreement to continue imposition of certain taxes.
47.60.440Additional revenue bonds, refunding bonds, authorized, 1961 ActFerry system a revenue-producing undertakingDebt serviceTolls on ferry system and Hood Canal bridge.
47.60.500Acquisition of additional ferriesLegislative findingDepartment authority.
47.60.505Puget Sound capital construction accountCreatedUse.
47.60.530Puget Sound ferry operations account.
47.60.550Parking or holding area for ferry patrons in conjunction with municipal off-street parking facilities.
47.60.560General obligation bondsFerriesAuthorizedPurposesPassenger-only vesselsIssuance, sale, and retirement.
47.60.570Disposition of proceeds from sale of bonds.
47.60.580BondsTermsPrincipal and interest payable from proceeds of state excise taxes on motor vehicle and special fuels.
47.60.590Repayment of bondsFund sources.
47.60.600BondsPowers and duties of state finance committee.
47.60.610Excess repayment fundsDisposition.
47.60.620Reimbursements and transfers of funds.
47.60.630Bonds legal investment for public funds.
47.60.640BondsEqual charge against revenues from motor vehicle and special fuel excise taxes.
47.60.656Passenger-only ferry serviceConveyance of vessels authorized.
47.60.662Ferry system collaboration with passenger-only ferry service providers.
47.60.680Prequalification of contractors required.
47.60.690Qualifications of contractorRules to assure.
47.60.700Application for prequalificationForm.
47.60.710Department authority to obtain information.
47.60.720Additional investigationTerms of prequalificationNotice of nonqualification.
47.60.730Renewal of prequalificationNonrenewal or revocation, notice.
47.60.740Rejection of bid despite prequalificationUnqualified bidder.
47.60.750Appeal of refusal, modification, or revocation of prequalification.
47.60.760Financial information regarding qualifying not public.
47.60.800General obligation bonds1992 issuePurposeIssuance and sale.
47.60.802Bonds1992 issueSupervision of sale by state finance committeeOption of short-term obligations.
47.60.804Bonds1992 issueUse of proceeds.
47.60.806Bonds1992 issuePayment of principal and interest from pledged excise taxes.
47.60.808Bonds1992 issuePayment from ferry bond retirement fund.
47.60.810Design-build ferriesIndependent owner's representativePhases definedDepartment may modify certain existing option contracts.
47.60.812Design-build ferriesNotice of request for proposals.
47.60.814Design-build ferriesIssuance of request for proposals.
47.60.815Design-build ferriesCost-benefit analysisEngineer's estimateSubsequent request for proposals, when required.
47.60.816Design-build ferriesPhase one.
47.60.818Design-build ferriesPhase two.
47.60.820Design-build ferriesPhase three.
47.60.822Design-build ferriesNotice to proposers not selectedAppeal.
47.60.824Design-build ferriesSingle best-qualified proposerIncentivesProposal negotiationsCompensation.
47.60.8241FindingsSingle proposal process for new ferry vessel construction.
47.60.830Ferry system operationFuel purchasing strategiesReport.
47.60.835Small business enterprise enforceable goals program.


Bridges across navigable waters: RCW 79.110.110 through 79.110.140.
Credit permits for vehicular passage: RCW 47.56.247, 47.56.248.
Sale, lease of unneeded toll facility, ferry system propertyFranchises for utility, railway purposes: RCW 47.56.253 through 47.56.257.
Traffic violations and unlawful acts on toll facility or ferry: RCW 46.61.690.