Chapter 47.20 RCW



47.20.570Manette bridge authorized.
47.20.580Washington State University highway authorized.
47.20.590University of Washington approach authorized.
47.20.600Washington State University highway, University of Washington approachAcquisition of property.
47.20.605Washington State University highway, University of Washington approachPublic use.
47.20.610Washington State University highway, University of Washington approachCondemnation.
47.20.620Washington State University highway, University of Washington approachMeasure of damage to buildings.
47.20.630Washington State University highway, University of Washington approachSale of buildings, personalty, acquired in acquisition of land.
47.20.635University of Washington approachOrdinance requisiteConstruction and maintenance.
47.20.640Reestablishment and redesignation of intersections when highway relocated.
47.20.645Interstate 90 corridorLegislative finding.
47.20.647Interstate 90 corridorWithdrawal of local governments from projectEffect on use of state funds.
47.20.653Interstate 90 corridorCourt proceedings, priority.
47.20.700State route No. 504 (Spirit Lake Memorial Highway)Extension and parking facilities.
47.20.710Quinault Tribal HighwayAgreement authorizedRoute.
47.20.715Quinault Tribal HighwayMaintenance, operation, improvementsIntersections, access.
47.20.720Quinault Tribal HighwayCertain portion as limited access.
47.20.725Quinault Tribal HighwayAcquisition of remaining right-of-way.
47.20.730Quinault Tribal HighwayDepartment as agent.
47.20.735Quinault Tribal HighwayAuthority to seek federal funding.
47.20.780Design-buildCompetitive bidding.
47.20.785Design-buildQualified projects.
47.20.900Severability1975 1st ex.s. c 272.
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