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Office of transit mobility.

(1) The secretary shall establish an office of transit mobility. The purpose of the office is to facilitate the integration of decentralized public transportation services with the state transportation system. The goals of the office of transit mobility are: (a) To facilitate connection and coordination of transit services and planning; and (b) maximizing opportunities to use public transportation to improve the efficiency of transportation corridors.
(2) The duties of the office include, but are not limited to, the following:
(a) Developing a statewide strategic plan that creates common goals for transit agencies and reduces competing plans for cross-jurisdictional service;
(b) Developing a park and ride lot program;
(c) Encouraging long-range transit planning;
(d) Providing public transportation expertise to improve linkages between regional transportation planning organizations and transit agencies;
(e) Strengthening policies for inclusion of transit and transportation demand management strategies in route development, corridor plan standards, and budget proposals;
(f) Recommending best practices to integrate transit and demand management strategies with regional and local land use plans in order to reduce traffic and improve mobility and access;
(g) Producing recommendations for the public transportation section of the Washington transportation plan; and
(h) Participating in all aspects of corridor planning, including freight planning, ferry system planning, and passenger rail planning.
(3) In forming the office, the secretary shall use existing resources to the greatest extent possible.
(4) The office of transit mobility shall establish measurable performance objectives for evaluating the success of its initiatives and progress toward accomplishing the overall goals of the office.
(5) The office of transit mobility must report quarterly to the secretary, and annually to the transportation committees of the legislature, on the progress of the office in meeting the goals and duties provided in this section.


FindingsIntent2005 c 318: "The legislature finds that the state needs to reestablish itself as a leader in public transportation.
The legislature also finds that increased demands on transportation resources require increased coordination among public transportation service providers.
The legislature also finds that the efficiency of transportation corridors would be enhanced by a more proactive and integrated approach to public transportation service delivery and planning.
The legislature also finds that the state department of transportation is in the unique position of being able to improve connectivity between service territories of transit agencies and modes of transportation.
The legislature also finds that the state should be a center of excellence in public transportation planning and research and providing technical assistance to transit agencies serving urban, suburban, and rural areas.
Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature that the state department of transportation be a leader in public transportation. The department shall play a guiding role in coordinating decentralized public transportation services, increasing connectivity between them, advocating for public transportation as a means to increase corridor efficiency, and increasing the integration of public transportation and the highway system." [ 2005 c 318 § 1.]
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