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Chapter 46.71 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.71.005Legislative recognition.
HTMLPDF 46.71.011Definitions.
HTMLPDF 46.71.015EstimatesInvoicesRecordkeeping requirements.
HTMLPDF 46.71.021Disposition of replaced parts.
HTMLPDF 46.71.025Written estimate requiredAlternativesAuthorization to exceedExceptions.
HTMLPDF 46.71.031Required signs.
HTMLPDF 46.71.035Failure to comply with estimate requirements.
HTMLPDF 46.71.041Liens barred for failure to comply.
HTMLPDF 46.71.045Unlawful acts or practices.
HTMLPDF 46.71.051Copy of warranty.
HTMLPDF 46.71.060Retention of price estimates and invoices.
HTMLPDF 46.71.070Consumer Protection ActDefense.
HTMLPDF 46.71.080Notice of chapter to vehicle owners.
HTMLPDF 46.71.090Notice of chapter to repair facilities.
HTMLPDF 46.71.100Transporter's license allowed.


Vehicle warranties (Lemon law): Chapter 19.118 RCW.