Chapter 46.52 RCW



46.52.010Duty on striking unattended car or other propertyPenalty.
46.52.020Duty in case of personal injury or death or damage to attended vehicle or other propertyPenalties.
46.52.030Accident reports.
46.52.035Accident reportsSuspension of license or permit for failure to make report.
46.52.040Accident reportsReport when operator disabled.
46.52.050Coroner's reports to sheriff and state patrol.
46.52.060Tabulation and analysis of reportsAvailability for use.
46.52.065Blood samples to state toxicologistAnalysisAvailability, admissibility of reports.
46.52.070Police officer's report.
46.52.080Confidentiality of reportsInformation required to be disclosedEvidence.
46.52.083Confidentiality of reportsAvailability of factual data to interested parties.
46.52.085Confidentiality of reportsFee for written information.
46.52.088ReportsFalse information.
46.52.090Reports of major repairs, etc.Violations, penaltiesRulesExceptions for older vehicles.
46.52.101Records of traffic charges, dispositions.
46.52.120Case record of convictions and infractions.
46.52.130Abstract of driving recordAccessFeeViolations.


Abandoned, unauthorized vehicles generally: Chapter 46.55 RCW.
Hulk haulers and scrap processors: Chapter 46.79 RCW.
Removal of certain vehicles from roadway: RCW 46.55.113, 46.55.115, 46.61.590.
Vehicle wreckers: Chapter 46.80 RCW.