Chapter 46.37 RCW



46.37.005State patrolAdditional powers and duties.
46.37.010Scope and effect of regulationsGeneral penalty.
46.37.020When lighted lamps and signaling devices are required.
46.37.030Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps.
46.37.040Head lamps on motor vehicles.
46.37.050Tail lamps.
46.37.070Stop lamps and electric turn signals required.
46.37.080Application of succeeding sections.
46.37.090Additional equipment required on certain vehicles.
46.37.100Color of clearance lamps, side marker lamps, backup lamps, and reflectors.
46.37.110Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps, and side marker lamps.
46.37.120Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps, and side marker lamps.
46.37.130Obstructed lights not required.
46.37.140Lamps, reflectors, and flags on projecting load.
46.37.150Lamps on vehiclesParked or stopped vehicles, lighting requirements.
46.37.160Hazard warning lights and reflectors on farm equipmentSlow-moving vehicle emblem.
46.37.170Lamps and reflectors on other vehicles and equipmentSlow-moving vehicle emblem on animal-drawn vehicles.
46.37.180Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps.
46.37.184Red flashing lights on fire department vehicles.
46.37.185Green light on firefighters' private cars.
46.37.186Fire department sign or plate on private car.
46.37.187Green light, sign or plateIdentification card required.
46.37.188Penalty for violation of RCW 46.37.184 through 46.37.188.
46.37.190Warning devices on vehiclesOther drivers yield and stop.
46.37.191Implementing rules.
46.37.193Signs on buses.
46.37.194Authorized emergency vehiclesState patrol authority, maintenance, and applicant and driver screening.
46.37.195Sale of emergency vehicle lighting equipment restrictedRemoval of emergency vehicle equipment, when requiredException.
46.37.196Red lights on emergency tow trucks.
46.37.200Stop lamps and electric turn signals displayed.
46.37.210Additional lighting equipment.
46.37.215Hazard warning lamps.
46.37.220Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
46.37.230Use of multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
46.37.240Single-beam road-lighting equipment.
46.37.260Alternate road lighting equipment.
46.37.270Number of lamps requiredNumber of additional lamps permitted.
46.37.280Special restrictions on lamps.
46.37.290Special lighting equipment on school buses and private carrier buses.
46.37.300Standards for lights on snow-removal or highway maintenance and service equipment.
46.37.310Selling or using lamps or equipment.
46.37.320Authority of state patrol regarding lighting devices or other safety equipment.
46.37.330Revocation of certificate of approval on devicesReapproval, conditions.
46.37.340Braking equipment required.
46.37.351Performance ability of brakes.
46.37.360Maintenance of brakesBrake system failure indicator.
46.37.365Hydraulic brake fluidDefinedStandards and specifications.
46.37.369Wheels and front suspension.
46.37.375Steering and suspension systems.
46.37.380Horns, warning devices, and theft alarms.
46.37.390Mufflers requiredSmoke and air contaminant standardsDefinitionsPenalty, exception.
46.37.395Compression brakes (Jake brakes).
46.37.400Mirrors, backup devices.
46.37.410Windshields required, exceptionMust be unobstructed and equipped with wipers.
46.37.4215Lightweight and retractable studsCertification by sellers.
46.37.4216Lightweight and retractable studsSale of tires containing.
46.37.423Pneumatic passenger car tiresStandardsException for off-highway usePenalty.
46.37.424Regrooved tiresStandardsException for off-highway usePenalty.
46.37.425TiresUnsafeState patrol's authorityPenalty.
46.37.427Studded tire fee.
46.37.430Safety glazingSunscreening or coloring.
46.37.435Unlawful installation of safety glazing or film sunscreening material, penaltyUnlawful purchase or sale of safety glazing or film sunscreening material installation services, penalty.
46.37.440Flares or other warning devices required on certain vehicles.
46.37.450Disabled vehicleDisplay of warning devices.
46.37.465Fuel system.
46.37.467Alternative fuel sourcePlacard required.
46.37.470Air conditioning equipment.
46.37.480Headsets, earphones.
46.37.490Safety load chains and devices required.
46.37.495Safety chains for towing.
46.37.500Fenders or splash aprons.
46.37.505Child passenger restraint systems.
46.37.510Seat belts and shoulder harnesses.
46.37.517Body and body hardware.
46.37.518Street rod, custom, and kit vehiclesOptional and required equipment.
46.37.5185Street rod and custom vehiclesBlue dot taillights.
46.37.519Kit vehicles.
46.37.520Beach vehicles with soft tires"Dune buggies"Inspection and approval requiredFee.
46.37.522Motorcycles and motor-driven cyclesWhen head lamps and tail lamps to be lighted.
46.37.523Motorcycles and motor-driven cyclesHead lamps.
46.37.524Motor-driven cyclesHead lamps.
46.37.525Motorcycles and motor-driven cyclesTail lamps, reflectors, and stop lamps.
46.37.527Motorcycles and motor-driven cyclesBrake requirements.
46.37.528Motorcycles and motor-driven cyclesPerformance ability of brakes.
46.37.529Motor-driven cyclesBraking system inspection.
46.37.530Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, mopeds, electric-assisted bicyclesHelmets, other equipmentChildrenRules.
46.37.535Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, or mopedsHelmet requirements when rented.
46.37.537MotorcyclesExhaust system.
46.37.539Motorcycles and motor-driven cyclesAdditional requirements and limitations.
46.37.540OdometersDisconnecting, resetting, or turning back prohibited.
46.37.550OdometersSelling motor vehicle knowing odometer turned back unlawful.
46.37.560OdometersSelling motor vehicle knowing odometer replaced unlawful.
46.37.570OdometersSelling, advertising, using, or installing device registering false mileage.
46.37.590OdometersPurchaser plaintiff to recover costs and attorney's fee, when.
46.37.600Liability of operator, owner, lessee for violations.
46.37.610Wheelchair conveyance standards.
46.37.620School busesCrossing arms.
46.37.630Private school buses.
46.37.640Air bagsDefinitions.
46.37.650Air bagsManufacture, importation, sale, or installation of counterfeit, nonfunctional, damaged, or previously deployedPenalties.
46.37.660Air bagsReplacement requirements, diagnostic systemPenalties.
46.37.670Signal preemption devicesProhibitedExceptions.
46.37.671Signal preemption devicePossessionPenalty.
46.37.672Signal preemption deviceUse, sale, purchasePenalty.
46.37.673Signal preemption deviceAccidentProperty damage or less than substantial bodily harmPenalty.
46.37.674Signal preemption deviceAccidentSubstantial bodily harmPenalty.
46.37.675Signal preemption deviceAccidentDeathPenalty.
46.37.680Sound system attachment.
46.37.685License plate flipping deviceUnlawful use, display, salePenalty.
46.37.690Electric-assisted bicyclesLabelCompliance with equipment and manufacturing requirementsNo tampering unless label is replacedBicycle and bicycle rider provisions apply.


Emission control program: Chapter 70A.25 RCW.
Lowering vehicle below legal clearance: RCW 46.61.680.
Moving defective vehicle: RCW 46.32.060.