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Reciprocal agreements authorizedProvisions.

(1) The Washington state department of licensing is authorized and encouraged to execute a reciprocal agreement with the Canadian province of British Columbia, and with any other state which is not a member of the nonresident violator compact, concerning the rendering of mutual assistance in the disposition of traffic infractions committed by persons licensed in one state or province while in the jurisdiction of the other.
(2) Such agreements shall provide that if a person licensed by either state or province is issued a citation by the other state or province for a moving traffic violation covered by the agreement, he or she shall not be detained or required to furnish bail or collateral, and that if he or she fails to comply with the terms of the citation, his or her license shall be suspended or renewal refused by the state or province that issued the license until the home jurisdiction is notified by the issuing jurisdiction that he or she has complied with the terms of the citation.
(3) Such agreement shall also provide such terms and procedures as are necessary and proper to facilitate its administration.
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