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Juvenile agricultural driving permit.

(1) Agricultural driving permit authorized. The director may issue a juvenile agricultural driving permit to a person under the age of eighteen years if:
(a) The application is signed by the applicant and the applicant's father, mother, or legal guardian;
(b) The applicant has passed the driving examination required by RCW 46.20.120;
(c) The department has investigated the applicant's need for the permit and determined that the need justifies issuance;
(d) The department has determined the applicant is capable of operating a motor vehicle without endangering himself or herself or other persons and property; and
(e) The applicant has paid a fee of twenty dollars.
The permit must contain a photograph of the person.
(2) Effect of agricultural driving permit. (a) The permit authorizes the holder to:
(i) Drive a motor vehicle on the public highways of this state in connection with farm work. The holder may drive only within a restricted farming locality described on the permit; and
(ii) Participate in the classroom portion of a *traffic safety education course authorized under RCW 28A.220.030 or the classroom portion of a traffic safety education course offered by a driver training school licensed and inspected by the department of licensing under chapter 46.82 RCW offered in the community where the holder resides.
(b) The director may transfer the permit from one farming locality to another. A transfer is not a renewal of the permit.
(3) Term and renewal of agricultural driving permit. An agricultural driving permit expires one year from the date of issue.
(a) A person under the age of eighteen who holds a permit may renew the permit by paying a fee of fifteen dollars.
(b) A person applying to renew an agricultural driving permit must submit the application to the department in person.
(c) An agricultural driving permit is invalidated when a permittee attains age eighteen. In order to drive a motor vehicle on a highway he or she must obtain a motor vehicle driver's license under this chapter.
(4) Suspension, revocation, or cancellation. The director has sole discretion to suspend, revoke, or cancel a juvenile agricultural driving permit if:
(a) The permittee has been found to have committed an offense that requires mandatory suspension or revocation of a driver's license; or
(b) The director is satisfied that the permittee has violated the permit's restrictions.


*Reviser's note: The term "traffic safety education course" was renamed "driver training education course" by 2017 c 197 § 2.
Effective date2005 c 314 §§ 101-107, 109, 303-309, and 401: See note following RCW 46.68.290.
Part headings not law2005 c 314: See note following RCW 46.68.035.
Effective dates2002 c 352: See note following RCW 46.09.410.
Intent1999 c 6: See note following RCW 46.04.168.
Effective date1985 ex.s. c 1: "This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety, the support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and shall take effect July 1, 1985." [ 1985 ex.s. c 1 § 14.]
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