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Driving privilege withheld.

"Driving privilege withheld" means that the department has revoked, suspended, or denied a person's Washington state driver's license, permit to drive, driving privilege, or nonresident driving privilege.


Intent1999 c 6: "(1) This act is intended to edit some of the statutes relating to driver's licenses in order to make those statutes more comprehensible to the citizenry of the state of Washington. The legislature does not intend to make substantive changes in the meaning, interpretation, court construction, or constitutionality of any provision of chapter 46.20 RCW or other statutory provisions or rules adopted under those provisions.
(2) This act is technical in nature and does not terminate or in any way modify any rights, proceedings, or liabilities, civil or criminal, that exist on July 25, 1999." [ 1999 c 6 s 1.]
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