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Cash deficit.

Cash deficit of the current fiscal period is defined for purposes of this chapter as the amount by which the aggregate of disbursements charged to a fund will exceed the aggregate of estimated receipts credited to such fund in the current fiscal period, less the extent to which such deficit may have been provided for from available beginning cash surplus.
If, for any applicable fund or account, the estimated receipts for the next ensuing period plus cash beginning balances is less than the aggregate of estimated disbursements proposed by the governor for the next ensuing fiscal period, the governor shall include in Part I of the budget document proposals as to the manner in which the anticipated cash deficit shall be met, whether by an increase in the indebtedness of the state, by the imposition of new taxes, by increases in tax rates or an extension thereof, or in any like manner. The governor may propose orderly liquidation of the anticipated cash deficit over a period of one or more fiscal periods, if, in the governor's discretion, such manner of liquidation would best serve the public interest.


Exception: RCW 43.88.265.
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