Chapter 43.84 RCW



43.84.031Management of permanent fundsProcedural policiesLimitation on purchase, sale or exchange prices for securities.
43.84.041Management of permanent fundsDisposition of securities.
43.84.051Management of permanent fundsCollection of interest, income and principal of securitiesDisposition.
43.84.061Management of permanent funds in accordance with established standards.
43.84.080Investment of current state funds.
43.84.092Deposit of surplus balance investment earningsTreasury income accountAccounts and funds credited.
43.84.095Exemption from reserve fundMotor vehicle fund income from United States securities.
43.84.120Investment in state warrants.
43.84.130Separate accounting as to permanent school fund.
43.84.140Investment of scientific school, agricultural college, and state university funds in regents' revenue bonds.
43.84.150Authority of state investment board to invest, reinvest, manage investments acquired.
43.84.160Investment counseling fees payable from earnings.
43.84.170Investment of surplus moneys in common school fund, agricultural college fund, normal school fund, scientific school fund or university fund.
43.84.180Public works assistance account earningsShare to public facilities construction loan revolving account.


Community renewal bonds: RCW 35.81.110.
Federal home owner's loan corporation bonds, valid investment for public and trust funds: RCW 39.60.010.
Firefighters' pension board, investments by: RCW 41.16.040.
Highway construction bonds, investment in: Chapter 47.10 RCW.
Housing authority bonds, authorized as legal investments: RCW 35.82.220.
Industrial insurance funds: Chapter 51.44 RCW.
Investment accounting: RCW 43.33A.180.
Judicial retirementInvestment for supplemental retirement: RCW 2.14.080.
Metropolitan municipal corporation obligations, authorized for public deposits: RCW 35.58.510.
Mutual savings banks, investments in state bonds: RCW 32.20.050.
Port district toll facility bonds and notes as legal investments: RCW 53.34.150.
Public utility district revenue obligations as legal investments: RCW 54.24.120.
School building construction bonds: Chapter 28A.525 RCW.
Schools and school districts' bonds, investment of permanent school fund in: State Constitution Art. 16 § 5.
Statewide city employees' retirement system funds: RCW 41.44.100.
United States corporation bonds, valid investment for public and trust funds: RCW 39.60.010.