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Members of commissionAppointmentVacanciesGovernor's designee to act during governor's absence.

The governor shall be assisted in his or her duties and responsibilities by the Washington state traffic safety commission. The Washington traffic safety commission shall be composed of the governor as chair, the superintendent of public instruction, the director of licensing, the secretary of transportation, the chief of the state patrol, the secretary of health, the director of the health care authority, a representative of the association of Washington cities to be appointed by the governor, a member of the association of counties to be appointed by the governor, and a representative of the judiciary to be appointed by the governor. Appointments to any vacancies among appointee members shall be as in the case of original appointment.
The governor may designate an employee of the governor's office familiar with the traffic safety commission to act on behalf of the governor during the absence of the governor at one or more of the meetings of the commission. The vote of the designee shall have the same effect as if cast by the governor if the designation is in writing and is presented to the person presiding at the meetings included within the designation.
The governor may designate a member, other than the governor's designee, to preside during the governor's absence.


FindingsIntentEffective date2018 c 201: See notes following RCW 41.05.018.
Codification correction2016 c 206: "The 1982 codification of an amendment to RCW 43.59.030, concerning the designation and authority of the governor's designee to the traffic safety commission, incorrectly omitted two phrases that were included in chapter 30, Laws of 1982, as signed into law by governor John Spellman. Section 2 of this act restores the missing phrases." [ 2016 c 206 § 1.]
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