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Poet laureate program.

(1) The Washington state arts commission shall establish and administer the poet laureate program. The poet laureate shall engage in activities to promote and encourage poetry within the state, including but not limited to readings, workshops, lectures, or presentations for Washington educational institutions and communities in geographically diverse areas over a two-year term.
(2) Selection of a poet laureate shall be made by a committee appointed and coordinated by the commission. The committee may include representatives of the Washington state library, the education community, the Washington commission for the humanities, publishing, and the community of Washington poets.
(3) The commission and the committee shall establish criteria to be used for the selection of a poet laureate. In addition to other criteria established, the poet laureate must be a published poet, a resident of Washington state, active in the poetry community, and willing and able to promote poetry in the state of Washington throughout the two-year term.
(4) The recommendation of the poet laureate selection committee shall be forwarded to the commission, which shall appoint the poet laureate with the approval of the governor.
(5) The poet laureate shall receive compensation at a level determined by the commission. Travel expenses shall be provided in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
(6) The poet laureate may not serve more than two consecutive two-year terms.
(7) The commission shall fund the poet laureate program through gifts, grants, or endowments from public or private sources that are made from time to time, in trust or otherwise.


Findings2007 c 128: "The legislature wishes to recognize: (1) The value of poetry and the contribution Washington poets make to the culture of our state; (2) that poetry is a literary form respected and growing throughout all segments of Washington's population; (3) that awareness and appreciation of poetry encourages increased literacy and advanced communication skills; and (4) that Washington state has produced many excellent and nationally recognized poets." [ 2007 c 128 s 1.]
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