Chapter 43.41 RCW



43.41.050Office of financial management createdTransfer of powers, duties, and functions.
43.41.060DirectorAppointmentSalaryVacancyDelegation of powers and duties.
43.41.080Deputy and assistant directors.
43.41.100Director's powers and duties.
43.41.102DirectorContract for collection and tabulation of census block statistics.
43.41.104Settlement and payment of accountsDuty to require.
43.41.106Settlement and payment of accountsAuthority to require testimony and evidence.
43.41.109"Undue hardship"Defined by rule.
43.41.110Powers and duties of office of financial management.
43.41.113Personnel policy and application of civil service laws.
43.41.120Advisory or coordinating councils.
43.41.160State health care cost containment policies.
43.41.170Budgeting processAgencies implementing energy conservation to retain cost savings.
43.41.180Electronic funds and information transferState agency use.
43.41.260Monitoring enrollee level in basic health plan and medicaid caseload of childrenFunding levels adjustment.
43.41.270Natural resource-related and environmentally based grant and loan programsAdministration and monitoring assistance.
43.41.275State agency employmentDisability employmentReporting requirements.
43.41.391K-20 networkDuty to govern and oversee technical design, implementation, and operation.
43.41.392K-20 operations cooperativeMaintained by office.
43.41.393Technical plan of the K-20 telecommunications system and ongoing system enhancementsContents.
43.41.394Oversight of technical aspects of K-20 network.
43.41.399Education technology revolving fund.
43.41.400Education data center.
43.41.405K-12 dataSecuring federal funds.
43.41.410State support for students at institutions of higher educationInformation.
43.41.415Development of methods and protocols for measuring educational costsReports.
43.41.420Undergraduate and graduate educational costsReports to regents and trustees.
43.41.430Information technology investment poolInformation technology projectsReports.
43.41.433Information technology investment revolving account.
43.41.435Enumeration data used for population estimatesDestruction.
43.41.440Statewide information technology system development revolving accountContracts for enterprise information technology systems"Enterprise information technology system" defined.
43.41.442Statewide information technology system maintenance and operations revolving accountContracts for administration, maintenance, and operations of enterprise information technology systems.
43.41.444Shared information technology system revolving accountContracts for administration, development, maintenance, and operations of shared information technology systems"Shared information technology system" defined.
43.41.450Office of financial management central service account.
43.41.455State agency office relocation pool account.
43.41.460Military recruitment program for veteransDevelopmentReport.
43.41.970Federal requirements for receipt of federal funds.


Reviser's note: Throughout this chapter the phrase "this 1969 amendatory act" or "this act" has been changed to "this chapter". The phrase also includes RCW 43.88.020, 43.88.025 and 41.06.075.
Adjustment of dollar thresholds for special purpose district per diem compensations, transmittal to office of the code reviser: RCW 35.61.150, 36.57A.050, 52.14.010, 53.12.260, 54.12.080, 57.12.010, 68.52.220, 70.44.050, 85.05.410, 85.06.380, 85.08.320, 85.24.080, 85.38.075, 86.09.283, and 87.03.460.
Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Budgeting, accounting, and reporting system, powers and duties: Chapter 43.88 RCW.
Checks and drafts, form prescribed by: RCW 43.88.160.
Classes and number of positions for agencies fixed by: RCW 43.88.160.
Corrective measures by agencies, duties to enforce: RCW 43.88.160.
Development of methods and protocols for measuring educational costs: RCW 43.41.415.
Efficiency surveys and analyses of agencies: RCW 43.88.160.
Employee training authorized: RCW 43.88.160.
Inventory of state-owned or leased facilitiesReport: RCW 43.82.150.
Motor vehicle fund, distribution of amount to counties, office to furnish information: RCW 46.68.124.
Moving expenses of state officers and employees, approval by: RCW 43.03.110.
Occupational forecastAgency consultation: RCW 50.38.030.
Pay and classification plans, review of: RCW 43.88.160.
Personal service contracts, filing with office of financial management, duties: Chapter 39.26 RCW.
Proposal of ten-year investment program for transportation investments, improvements, and preservation: RCW 47.05.030.
Regulations, duty to promulgate: RCW 43.88.160.
Regulatory fairness act, office of financial management participation: Chapter 19.85 RCW.
Reports of agencies, authority to require: RCW 43.88.160.
Reports to governor, duplication of effort or lack of coordination between agencies: RCW 43.88.160.
Review and approval of matching funds in the rural arterial program: RCW 36.79.120.
Review of highway protection and restoration contracts: RCW 47.28.170.
Review of rural arterial trust account budget: RCW 36.79.130.
State employees' retirement system, duties: RCW 41.40.048.
State facility planning and management: Chapter 43.82 RCW.
Subsistence allowance for officials and employees, director to prescribe: RCW 43.03.050.
Tort claims against state, duties: Chapter 4.92 RCW.
Transportation system policy goals, development and submittal of and reporting on objectives and performance measures: RCW 47.04.280, 47.04.285.
Warrants or checks, form prescribed by: RCW 43.88.160.