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Low-income home rehabilitation account.

The low-income home rehabilitation account is created in the custody of the state treasury. All transfers and appropriations by the legislature, repayments of loans, private contributions, and all other sources must be deposited into the account. Expenditures from the account may be used only for the purposes of the low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan program created in RCW 43.330.482 and the low-income home rehabilitation grant program created in RCW 43.330.483. After July 1, 2023, the director may expend moneys in the account only for wind-down costs of the loan program in RCW 43.330.482 until the loan program terminates pursuant to chapter 380, Laws of 2023, and for the grant program created in RCW 43.330.483. Only the director or the director's designee may authorize expenditures from the account. The account is subject to allotment procedures under chapter 43.88 RCW, but an appropriation is not required for expenditures.


Effective date2023 c 380 §§ 1-6: See note following RCW 43.330.483.
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