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Developmental disabilities endowmentDevelopment of operating planElements.

To the extent funds are appropriated for this purpose, the governing board shall contract with an appropriate organization for the development of a proposed operating plan for the developmental disabilities endowment program. The proposed operating plan shall be consistent with the endowment principles specified in *RCW 43.330.220. The plan shall address at least the following elements:
(1) The recommended types of services to be available through the endowment program and their projected average costs per beneficiary;
(2) An assessment of the number of people likely to apply for participation in the endowment under alternative rates of matching funds, minimum service year requirements, and contribution timing approaches;
(3) An actuarial analysis of the number of disabled beneficiaries who are likely to be supported under alternative levels of public contribution to the endowment, and the length of time the beneficiaries are likely to be served, under alternative rates of matching funds, minimum service year requirements, and contribution timing approaches;
(4) Recommended eligibility criteria for participation in the endowment program;
(5) Recommended policies regarding withdrawal of private contributions from the endowment in cases of movement out of state, death of the beneficiary, or other circumstances;
(6) Recommended matching rate of public and private contributions and, for each beneficiary, the maximum annual and lifetime amount of private contributions eligible for public matching funds;
(7) The recommended minimum years of service on behalf of a beneficiary that must be supported by private contributions in order for the contributions to qualify for public matching funds from the endowment;
(8) The recommended schedule according to which lump sum or periodic private contributions should be made to the endowment in order to qualify for public matching funds;
(9) A recommended program for educating families about the endowment, and about planning for their child's long-term future; and
(10) Recommended criteria and procedure for selecting an organization or organizations to administer the developmental disabilities endowment program, and projected administrative costs.


*Reviser's note: RCW 43.330.220 was recodified as RCW 43.70.734 pursuant to 2010 c 271 s 203. RCW 43.70.734 was subsequently recodified as RCW 43.330.434 pursuant to 2012 c 197 s 4.
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