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Chapter 43.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.24.001Department of licensingCreationDirectorPowers, duties, and functionsPersonnel.
HTMLPDF 43.24.005DirectorAppointmentSalary.
HTMLPDF 43.24.016Powers and dutiesGenerally.
HTMLPDF 43.24.020Powers and dutiesLicensing.
HTMLPDF 43.24.023Rule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 43.24.030"License" defined.
HTMLPDF 43.24.040Forms to be prescribed.
HTMLPDF 43.24.060ExaminationsCommitteesDuties, compensation, travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 43.24.065Appointment of temporary additional members of boards and committees for administration and grading of examinations.
HTMLPDF 43.24.080Issuance of licenses.
HTMLPDF 43.24.084Professional licensesUse of social security numbers and drivers' license numbers prohibited.
HTMLPDF 43.24.086Fee policy for professions, occupations, and businessesDetermination by rule.
HTMLPDF 43.24.090Examination of persons with disabilities.
HTMLPDF 43.24.112Suspension of licenseNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 43.24.115Director's duties as to refusal, revocation or suspension of licensesPerformance by assistants.
HTMLPDF 43.24.120AppealFurther review.
HTMLPDF 43.24.125Enforcement in accordance with RCW 43.05.100 and 43.05.110.
HTMLPDF 43.24.130License moratorium for persons in serviceRules.
HTMLPDF 43.24.140Extension or modification of licensing, certification, or registration period authorizedRules and regulations, manner and content.
HTMLPDF 43.24.150Business and professions account.
HTMLPDF 43.24.170Wage lien forms.
HTMLPDF 43.24.175Department of licensing wage lien account.


Applications for licenses, discrimination to require disclosure of race or religion inPenalty: RCW 43.01.100.
Corporation doing business without license, penalty: RCW 9.24.040.
Department created: RCW 46.01.020, 43.17.010.
Drivers' training schools, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.82 RCW.
Emergency management workers, licensing requirements waived during emergency: RCW 38.52.180.
For hire vehicles, certificates and operators' permits, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.72 RCW.
Gambling commission, administrator and staff for: RCW 9.46.080.
Health, department of, functions transferred to: RCW 43.70.901.
Jury source listMaster jury listCreationAdoption of rules for implementation of methodology and standards by agencies: RCW 2.36.054 and 2.36.0571.
Manufactured/mobile home community registrations and database, administration and maintenance of: Chapter 59.30 RCW.
Marine recreation land act, duties: Chapter 79A.25 RCW.
Massachusetts trusts, rules and regulations by director: RCW 23.90.040.
Motor vehicles
accident reports, tabulation and analysis of to be available to: RCW 46.52.060.
administration by director of licensing: RCW 46.01.030, 46.01.040.
agents of: RCW 46.01.130, 46.01.140.
amateur radio operators with special license plates, director to furnish lists of: RCW 46.18.205.
annual reports to governor: RCW 46.01.290.
certified copies of departmental records relating to, department to furnish: RCW 46.01.250.
departmental records relating to, destruction of: RCW 46.01.260.
financial responsibility act, director's powers and duties under: Chapter 46.29 RCW.
general powers and duties of director: RCW 46.01.130.
lighting and other vehicle equipment, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.37 RCW.
motor vehicle dealer's licenses, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.70 RCW.
motor vehicle fund moneys distributed to: RCW 46.68.090.
motor vehicle revenue, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.68 RCW.
motor vehicle transporters' licenses, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.76 RCW.
safety responsibility act, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.29 RCW.
vehicle registration and title and drivers' licenses, rules for: RCW 46.01.110.
vehicle wreckers' licensing, director's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.80 RCW.
Oath of director: RCW 43.17.030.
Offices of department maintained at state capital: RCW 43.17.050.
Powers and duties of director: RCW 43.17.030, 43.24.020, chapter 46.01 RCW.
Rules of department: RCW 43.17.060, 46.01.110.
Seal: RCW 46.01.170.
Securities act, licensing requirements: Chapter 21.20 RCW.
Vacancies in department: RCW 43.17.020, 43.17.040.
Veterans' preferences, qualifications for: RCW 73.04.090.