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Local governments encouraged to enter compost product purchasing agreements.

(1) Each local government that provides a residential composting service is encouraged to enter into a purchasing agreement with its compost processor to buy back finished compost products for use in government projects or on government land. The local government is encouraged to purchase an amount of finished compost product that is equal to or greater than fifty percent of the amount of organic residuals it delivered to the compost processor. Local governments may enter into collective purchasing agreements if doing so is more cost-effective or efficient. The compost processor should offer a purchase price that is reasonable and competitive for the specific market.
(2) When purchasing compost products for use in government projects or on government-owned land, local governments are encouraged to purchase compost with at least eight percent food waste, or an amount of food waste that is commensurate with that in the local jurisdiction's curbside collection program.


FindingsLegislative declaration2020 c 290: See note following RCW 43.19A.120.
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