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A state lands development authority has the duty to:
(1) Adopt bylaws for the authority that will govern how the authority will generally conduct its affairs;
(2) Establish specific geographic boundaries for the authority with its bylaws based on the general geographic boundaries established in the proposal approved by the legislature;
(3) Assume responsibility for the development or redevelopment of the state-owned property within the boundaries of the authority;
(4) Create a strategic plan for the development or redevelopment of the state-owned property that includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:
(a) An examination of the existing uses of the property and an assessment of whether such should change in the future in order for the use of the property to achieve maximum public benefit;
(b) An examination of options for development or redevelopment that include industrial uses only, mixed-use commercial and residential development, and mixed-use light industrial and residential development, as well as the incorporation of community-oriented facilities, and an evaluation of which options would achieve maximum public benefit;
(c) A plan for extensive public engagement throughout the development or redevelopment process, which must include a regular schedule of public meetings and opportunities for public comment; and
(d) A financial plan for the authority that identifies funding sources necessary to carry out the authority's strategic plan;
(5) Use gifts, grants, loans, and other aid from public or private entities to further the development and redevelopment projects identified in the authority's strategic plan; and
(6) Submit a written report to the relevant committees of the legislature by December 1st of each even-numbered year that summarizes the authority's strategic plan and details the progress of the authority in meeting its strategic goals related to development and redevelopment, public engagement, and financial planning.
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