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Small businessesFunding of export transactions.

(1) The authority, in cooperation with the small business export finance assistance center and other export assistance entities, is authorized to develop and conduct a program or programs to provide for the funding of export transactions for small businesses which are unable to obtain funding from private commercial lenders.
(2) The authority is authorized to secure or provide guaranties or insurance for loans and otherwise to provide for loans for any eligible export transaction. Loans may be made either directly by the authority or through an eligible banking organization. For such purpose, the authority may use funds legally available to it to provide for insurance or to guarantee eligible export transactions for which guaranteed funding has been provided.
(3) The authority shall make every effort to cause guaranties or insurance to be provided from the export-import bank of the United States, the foreign credit insurance association, the small business administration or such other similar or succeeding federal or private programs whose financial performance in the guarantee or insurance of export transactions is sound and recognized in the financial community. The maximum amount payable under any guaranty shall be specifically set forth in writing at the time any such guaranteed funding is entered into by the authority.
(4) Prior to providing or securing a guarantee of funding or otherwise providing for a loan for any eligible export transaction hereunder, the authority shall obtain assurance that there has been made an investigation of the credit of the exporter in order to determine its viability, the economic benefits to be derived from the eligible export transaction, the prospects for repayment, and such other facts as it deems necessary in order to determine that such guaranteed funding is consistent with the purposes of this chapter.


Small business export finance assistance center: Chapter 43.210 RCW.
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