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Washington coastal marine advisory councilDuties.

(1) The duties of the Washington coastal marine advisory council established in RCW 43.143.050 are to:
(a) Serve as a forum for communication concerning coastal waters issues, including issues related to: Resource management; shellfish aquaculture; marine and coastal hazards; ocean energy; open ocean aquaculture; coastal waters research; education; and other coastal marine-related issues.
(b) Serve as a point of contact for, and collaborate with, the federal government, regional entities, and other state governments regarding coastal waters issues.
(c) Provide a forum to discuss coastal waters resource policy, planning, and management issues; provide either recommendations or modifications, or both, of principles, and, when appropriate, mediate disagreements.
(d) Serve as an interagency resource to respond to issues facing coastal communities and coastal waters resources in a collaborative manner.
(e) Identify and pursue public and private funding opportunities for the programs and activities of the council and for relevant programs and activities of member entities.
(f) Provide recommendations to the governor, the legislature, and state and local agencies on specific coastal waters resource management issues, including:
(i) Annual recommendations regarding coastal marine spatial planning expenditures and projects, including uses of the marine resources stewardship trust account created in RCW 43.372.070;
(ii) Principles and standards required for emerging new coastal uses;
(iii) Data gaps and opportunities for scientific research addressing coastal waters resource management issues;
(iv) Implementation of Washington's ocean action plan 2006;
(v) Development and implementation of coast-wide goals and strategies, including marine spatial planning; and
(vi) A coastal perspective regarding cross-boundary coastal issues.
(2) In making recommendations under this section, the Washington coastal marine advisory council shall consider:
(a) The principles and policies articulated in Washington's ocean action plan; and
(b) The protection and preservation of existing sustainable uses for current and future generations, including economic stakeholders reliant on marine waters to stabilize the vitality of the coastal economy.
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