Chapter 43.10 RCW



43.10.005Workplace pregnancy accommodationsUnfair practicesDefinitions.
43.10.020Additional bondPenalty for failure to furnish.
43.10.030General powers and duties.
43.10.035Prosecutions for official delinquencies in the assessment, collection and payment of revenue; failure to pay over or deliver public money or property; and against all debtors of the state.
43.10.040Representation of boards, commissions and agencies.
43.10.045Retention of counsel by legislatureNoticeRepresentation in absence of notice.
43.10.050Authority to execute appeal and other bonds.
43.10.060Appointment and authority of assistants.
43.10.065Employment of attorneys and employees to transact state's legal business.
43.10.067Employment of attorneys by others restricted.
43.10.070Compensation of assistants, attorneys, and employees.
43.10.080Employment of experts, technicians.
43.10.090Criminal investigationsSupervision.
43.10.095Homicide investigative tracking systemSupervision management and recidivist tracking (SMART) system.
43.10.097Homicide investigative tracking systemPurpose limited.
43.10.101Report to transportation entitiesTort claims.
43.10.110Other powers and duties.
43.10.115Private practice of lawAttorney generalProhibited.
43.10.120Private practice of lawDeputies and assistantsProhibited.
43.10.125Private practice of lawSpecial assistant attorney generals.
43.10.130Private practice of lawExceptions.
43.10.150Legal services revolving fundCreatedPurpose.
43.10.160Legal services revolving fundTransfers and payments into fundAllotments to attorney general.
43.10.170Legal services revolving fundDisbursements.
43.10.180Legal services revolving fundAllocation of costs to funds and agenciesAccountingBilling.
43.10.190Legal services revolving fundDirect payments from agencies.
43.10.200Legal services revolving fundRecovered court costs, fees and expensesDeposit in fundExpenditure.
43.10.210Antitrust revolving fundLegislative finding and purpose.
43.10.215Antitrust revolving fundCreatedContents.
43.10.220Antitrust revolving fundExpenditures.
43.10.232Concurrent authority to investigate crimes and initiate and conduct prosecutionsPayment of costs.
43.10.234Determination of prosecuting authority if defendant charged by attorney general and prosecuting attorney.
43.10.240Investigative and criminal prosecution activityAnnual reportSecurity protection.
43.10.250Appellate review of criminal case.
43.10.260Criminal profiteeringAssistance to local officials.
43.10.270Criminal profiteeringAsset recovery.
43.10.290Office of military and veteran legal assistanceCreatedDefinitionsLimitations.
43.10.292Office of military and veteran legal assistanceDuties.
43.10.294Office of military and veteran legal assistanceGrants, gifts, donations.
43.10.300Hate crime advisory working group.
43.10.310Immigration enforcement model policiesAdoption by schools, health facilities, courthouses.
43.10.315Immigration enforcement model policiesAdoption by law enforcement agencies.
43.10.800Sexual assault forensic examination best practices advisory groupReport to legislature and governor.


Acquisition of access to timber and valuable materials on state lands, eminent domain proceedings brought by: RCW 79.36.320.
Actions against regents, trustees, etc., of institutions of higher education or educational boards, attorney general to defend: RCW 28B.10.842.
Actions against state
duties: State Constitution Art. 3 § 21.
counsel for state: RCW 4.92.030.
governor may direct attorney general to appear for: RCW 43.06.010.
officers defended by: RCW 4.92.070, 43.10.030.
service of summons and complaint on: RCW 4.92.020.
Advertising, action against false, untrue, or deceptive advertising: RCW 9.04.060.
Agricultural cooperatives
enabling act of 1961, attorney general to prosecute violations: RCW 15.65.550.
marketing agreements, attorneys employed to be approved by: RCW 15.65.210.
Board of natural resources, attorney general to represent: RCW 43.12.075.
Bond issues
housing authorities, certification by: RCW 35.82.160.
irrigation districts, certification by: RCW 87.25.030.
appeal and surety in judicial actions execution by: RCW 43.10.050.
motor vehicle dealers' surety bond approved by: RCW 46.70.070.
vehicle wreckers' surety bond approved by: RCW 46.80.070.
Budget and accounting irregularities, report of state auditor to attorney general: RCW 43.88.160.
Business hours regulation does not apply to: RCW 42.04.060.
Camping resorts, actions by attorney general relating to: RCW 19.105.470.
Charitable solicitors, attorney general's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 19.09 RCW.
Child support duties: Chapters 74.20 and 74.20A RCW.
Clemency and pardons board, to provide staff for: RCW 9.94A.880.
Common carriers, action to collect treble damages for rebates, discounts, refunds, etc., duties concerning: RCW 81.28.220.
governor may require attorney general to inquire into affairs of: RCW 43.06.010.
involuntary dissolution of corporation, attorney general may bring action for: Chapter 23B.14 RCW.
Corruption in office, removal by legislature: State Constitution Art. 4 § 9.
County commissioners, special attorneys, employment: RCW 36.32.200.
Criminal charges arising from official acts of state officers or employeesDefense: RCW 10.01.150.
Declaratory judgments: RCW 7.24.110.
Election of: State Constitution Art. 3 § 1.
Elections, ballot titles and explanatory statements prepared by: RCW 29A.52.340.
Elevators, escalators and dumbwaiters, injunction for operation without permit brought by: RCW 70.87.140.
Eminent domain
by state, duties: Chapter 8.04 RCW.
proceedings for acquisition of toll bridge property, attorney general to represent department of transportation: RCW 47.56.110.
Federal REAL ID Act of 2005, authority to challenge: RCW 46.20.1911.
Food, drug and cosmetic act, prosecution of violations: RCW 69.04.160.
Funeral and cemetery board, representation of: RCW 68.05.120.
activities, as affecting: Chapter 9.46 RCW.
commission, counsel for: RCW 9.46.060.
may require attorney general to aid any prosecuting attorney: RCW 43.06.010.
may require attorney general to investigate corporations: RCW 43.06.010.
Highway eminent domain for toll facilities, duties: RCW 47.56.110.
Highway lands transfer to United States, certification by: RCW 47.12.080.
Impeachment: State Constitution Art. 5 § 2.
Industrial insurance, attorney general as legal advisor of department, board: RCW 51.52.140.
Initiative and referendum transmittal of copies to attorney general: RCW 29A.72.040.
Installment sales of goods and services, action by attorney general to prevent violations: RCW 63.14.190.
Insurance code, representation of commissioner: RCW 48.02.080.
Irrigation districts, certification of bonds, legality of: RCW 87.25.030.
Juvenile court, orders of support, enforcement by: RCW 13.34.161.
Liability coverage of university personnel and students, approval of claims by attorney general, when: RCW 28B.20.253.
Liquor and cannabis board, general counsel for: RCW 66.08.022.
Local government accounting, duties concerning: RCW 43.09.260.
Manufactured/mobile home community dispute resolution program, administration of: Chapter 59.30 RCW.
Militia and military affairs
eminent domain for military purposes: RCW 8.04.170, 8.04.180.
officers and enlisted persons, attorney general to defend actions against: RCW 38.40.010.
Motor freight carriers, violations, attorney general to assign assistant to enforce compliance: RCW 81.80.330.
Motor vehicle dealers' licenses, attorney general to approve applicant's surety bond accompanying application for: RCW 46.70.070.
Natural resources department, counsel for: RCW 78.52.035.
Oath of office: RCW 43.01.020, 43.10.010.
Official bond: RCW 43.10.010, 43.10.020.
Poisons, enforcement of law relating to: RCW 69.40.025.
Puget Sound ferry and toll bridge system, attorney general's powers and duties relating to: Chapter 47.60 RCW.
Railroad employees' sanitation and shelter requirements, enforcement by: RCW 81.04.405.
Real estate brokers and salespersons' licensing, to act as legal advisor: RCW 18.85.420.
Records, keeping of: State Constitution Art. 3 § 24; RCW 43.10.030.
Records committee, to appoint a member of: RCW 40.14.050.
Removal from office, grounds: State Constitution Art. 4 § 9.
Salary, amount of: State Constitution Art. 28 § 1; RCW 43.03.010.
Schools and school districts, supervision of prosecuting attorney: RCW 36.27.020.
Securities act violations referred to: RCW 21.20.410.
Social and health services department, representation, hospital regulation: RCW 70.41.160.
State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers, to advise: RCW 41.24.280.
State board of health, representation, hospital regulation: RCW 70.41.160.
State officers, defends actions against: RCW 4.92.070, 43.10.030.
Steamboat company penalties, recovery action by attorney general: RCW 81.84.050.
Subversive activities act, duties as to: Chapter 9.81 RCW.
Succession: State Constitution Art. 3 § 10.
Support of dependent children
agreements between attorney general and prosecuting attorneys to initiate petition for support under uniform act: RCW 74.20.210.
divorce or separate maintenance actions, attorney general or prosecuting attorney to initiate an action: RCW 74.20.220.
petition for order upon husband to provide support, attorney general may apply for, when: RCW 74.20.230.
Term of office: State Constitution Art. 3 § 3; RCW 43.01.010.
Term papers, theses, dissertations, sale of prohibited, attorney general participation: RCW 28B.10.584.
Tort claims against state, authority to settle, compromise and stipulate for judgment: RCW 4.92.150.
Transfer of highway lands to United States, municipal subdivision or public utility, attorney general to adjudge if in public interest and certify: RCW 47.12.080.
Unemployment compensation, representation of department: RCW 50.12.150.
Unfair business practices act
assurance of discontinuance of practices, acceptance by: RCW 19.86.100.
restraint of prohibited acts, action by: RCW 19.86.080.
Utilities and transportation commission
compliance with law by persons or corporations regulated, duty to enforce: RCW 80.01.100, 80.04.510.
duty to represent: RCW 80.01.100, 80.04.510.
Vehicle wreckers' licensing, surety bonds accompanying application to be approved by: RCW 46.80.070.
Washington habitual traffic offenders act, attorney general's duties: Chapter 46.65 RCW.