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Court protection of public records.

The examination of any specific public record may be enjoined if, upon motion and affidavit by an agency or its representative or a person who is named in the record or to whom the record specifically pertains, the superior court for the county in which the movant resides or in which the record is maintained, finds that such examination would clearly not be in the public interest and would substantially and irreparably damage any person, or would substantially and irreparably damage vital governmental functions. An agency has the option of notifying persons named in the record or to whom a record specifically pertains, that release of a record has been requested. However, this option does not exist where the agency is required by law to provide such notice.
[ 1992 c 139 § 7; 1975 1st ex.s. c 294 § 19; 1973 c 1 § 33 (Initiative Measure No. 276, approved November 7, 1972). Formerly RCW 42.17.330.]
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