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Causes of vacancy.

Every elective office shall become vacant on the happening of any of the following events:
(1) The death of the incumbent;
(2) His or her resignation. A vacancy caused by resignation shall be deemed to occur upon the effective date of the resignation;
(3) His or her removal;
(4) Except as provided in RCW * 3.46.067 and 3.50.057, his or her ceasing to be a legally registered voter of the district, county, city, town, or other municipal or quasi municipal corporation from which he or she shall have been elected or appointed, including where applicable the council district, commissioner district, or ward from which he or she shall have been elected or appointed;
(5) His or her conviction of a felony, or of any offense involving a violation of his or her official oath;
(6) His or her refusal or neglect to take his or her oath of office, or to give or renew his or her official bond, or to deposit such oath or bond within the time prescribed by law;
(7) The decision of a competent tribunal declaring void his or her election or appointment; or
(8) Whenever a judgment shall be obtained against that incumbent for breach of the condition of his or her official bond.


*Reviser's note: RCW 3.46.067 was repealed by 2008 c 227 § 12, effective July 1, 2008.
Effective date1994 c 223 § 2: "(1) Section 2 of this act shall take effect January 1, 1995.
(2) *Section 20 of this act shall take effect July 1, 1994." [ 1994 c 223 § 94.]
*Reviser's note: The governor vetoed 1994 c 233 § 20.
SeverabilityEffective date1993 c 317: See notes following RCW 3.50.810.
Severability1981 c 180: See note following RCW 42.12.040.
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