Chapter 41.35 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.35.005Intent.
HTMLPDF 41.35.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.35.015ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
HTMLPDF 41.35.020System createdAdministration.
HTMLPDF 41.35.030Membership.
HTMLPDF 41.35.033MembershipService creditSubstitute employeesRules.
HTMLPDF 41.35.035Membership in systemCharter school employers and employees.
HTMLPDF 41.35.040Nonelective position held for at least nine monthsDeemed to be eligible position, when.
HTMLPDF 41.35.060Reduction of retirement allowance upon reemployment or if covered by a plan under RCW 28B.10.400Reestablishment of membership.
HTMLPDF 41.35.070Duty disability retirement recipientsContinued service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.35.080Members agree to deductions.
HTMLPDF 41.35.090Employer's contributionComputationBilling.
HTMLPDF 41.35.100Exemption from taxation and judicial processExceptionsAssignabilityDeductions authorized.
HTMLPDF 41.35.110Disability retirementCriminal conduct.
HTMLPDF 41.35.115Death benefitCourse of employmentOccupational disease or infection.
HTMLPDF 41.35.120False statementsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 41.35.130Transfer of service credit from statewide city employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.35.140Hearing prior to appeal requiredNotice.
HTMLPDF 41.35.150Hearing prior to appeal requiredConduct of hearing.
HTMLPDF 41.35.160Judicial review in accordance with administrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 41.35.170AppealNo bond required.
HTMLPDF 41.35.180Service creditComputation.
HTMLPDF 41.35.1801Prior serviceOne-half service credit.
HTMLPDF 41.35.183Purchase of additional service creditCostsRules.
HTMLPDF 41.35.190Effect of certain accumulated vacation leave on retirement benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.35.200Benefit calculationLimitation.
HTMLPDF 41.35.210Post-retirement cost-of-living.
HTMLPDF 41.35.220Options for payment of retirement allowancesCourt-approved property settlement.
HTMLPDF 41.35.230Suspension of retirement allowance upon reemployment or if covered by a plan under RCW 28B.10.400ExceptionsReinstatement.
HTMLPDF 41.35.235Purchase of life annuity benefit.
HTMLPDF 41.35.399Provisions applicable to plan 2 and plan 3.
HTMLPDF 41.35.400Computation of retirement allowance.
HTMLPDF 41.35.410Lump sum retirement allowanceReentryReinstatement of service.
HTMLPDF 41.35.420Retirement eligibility.
HTMLPDF 41.35.423Member with terminal illnessRemoval from system.
HTMLPDF 41.35.430Employer and member contribution rates.
HTMLPDF 41.35.440Earned disability allowanceDisposition upon death of recipient.
HTMLPDF 41.35.450Application for and effective date of retirement allowances.
HTMLPDF 41.35.460Death benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.35.470Leaves of absence, military service.
HTMLPDF 41.35.480Vested membership.
HTMLPDF 41.35.490Refund of contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.35.500Reentry.
HTMLPDF 41.35.510Transfer to plan 3Irrevocable option.
HTMLPDF 41.35.599Provisions applicable to plan 2.
HTMLPDF 41.35.600Provisions applicable to plan 3Plan 3 elements.
HTMLPDF 41.35.610Choice of membership in plan 2 or plan 3.
HTMLPDF 41.35.612Right to waive benefitIrrevocable choice.
HTMLPDF 41.35.620Computation of retirement allowance.
HTMLPDF 41.35.630Additional payment.
HTMLPDF 41.35.640Application for and effective date of retirement allowances.
HTMLPDF 41.35.650Leaves of absence, military service.
HTMLPDF 41.35.660Purchased service creditAllocation.
HTMLPDF 41.35.670Lump sum paymentsReentry.
HTMLPDF 41.35.680Retirement eligibility.
HTMLPDF 41.35.683Member with terminal illnessRemoval from system.
HTMLPDF 41.35.690Earned disability allowanceDisposition upon death of recipient.
HTMLPDF 41.35.700Restored, purchased service credit under plan 2Transfer to plan 3.
HTMLPDF 41.35.710Death benefits.
HTMLPDF 41.35.720Employer contribution rates.
HTMLPDF 41.35.900Benefits not contractual right until September 1, 2000.
HTMLPDF 41.35.901Effective date1998 c 341.


Numerical designations1998 c 341: See note following chapter 41.26 RCW digest.