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Provisions applicable to plan 3Plan 3 elements.

(1) RCW 41.32.831 through 41.32.895 shall apply only to plan 3 members.
(2) Plan 3 shall consist of two separate elements: (a) A defined benefit portion covered under this subchapter; and (b) a defined contribution portion covered under chapter 41.34 RCW.
(3) Unless otherwise specified, all references to "plan 3" in this subchapter refer to the defined benefit portion of plan 3.


Effective dates1996 c 39: See note following RCW 41.32.010.
IntentPurpose1995 c 239: "The legislature recognizes that teachers, principals, and district administrators need the ability to make transitions to other public or private sector careers, and that the retirement system should not be a barrier to exercise of employee choice. The legislature also recognizes that teachers, principals, and district administrators need a secure and viable retirement benefit, not only for their own financial protection, but also that public funds are spent prudently for their intended purpose.
It is the legislative intent to create a new public retirement system that balances flexibility with stability, provides both increased employee control of investments and responsible protection of the public's investment in employee benefits, and encourages the pursuit of public sector careers without preventing employees from transitioning into other public or private sector employment.
Therefore, the purpose of chapter 239, Laws of 1995 is to continue to provide teachers, principals, and district administrators with a guaranteed pension at retirement age based on years of public service with an element of inflation protection. It is further the purpose of chapter 239, Laws of 1995 to create a parallel retirement plan where employees have options regarding the investment of their retirement contributions and have the opportunity, along with the accompanying risk, to receive a full rate of return on their investments and where employees who leave public employment prior to retirement receive a fair and reasonable value from the retirement system." [ 1995 c 239 § 1.]
Effective datePart and subchapter headings not law1995 c 239: See notes following RCW 41.32.005.
Benefits not contractual right until date specified: RCW 41.34.100.
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