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Disability leave supplement for law enforcement officers and firefighters.

County, municipal, and political subdivision employers of full-time, commissioned law enforcement officers and full-time, paid firefighters shall provide a disability leave supplement to such employees who qualify for payments under RCW 51.32.090 due to a temporary total disability.


Program and fiscal review1985 c 462: "The legislative budget committee shall cause to be conducted a program and fiscal review of the program established by RCW 41.04.500 through 41.04.530. The review shall be conducted on or before June 30, 1987. In conducting the review, the legislative budget committee shall consider, but not be limited to, the following issues:
(1) The fiscal impact of the program on local governmental entities;
(2) The number of claims made and allowed, and duration of claims allowed, for disability leave supplement pursuant to RCW 41.04.500 through 41.04.530;
(3) The number of claimants for disability leave supplement under RCW 41.04.500 through 41.04.530 who have not returned to active service within six months from the injury or illness causing disability;
(4) The number of local governmental entities who have entered into agreements with law enforcement officers and firefighters which establish benefits which are greater than those prescribed by RCW 41.04.500 through 41.04.530, and the number of employees covered by such agreements." [ 1985 c 462 § 10.]
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