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Evidences of indebtednessDefects not to affect validityCopy of resolution authorizing issuance filedAction to contest before delivery.

Bonds, notes, or other obligations issued and sold by the state of Washington pursuant to and in conformity with this chapter shall not be invalid for any irregularity or defect in the proceedings of the issuance or sale thereof, except as provided in this paragraph, and shall be incontestable in the hands of a bona fide purchaser or holder thereof. Whenever the state finance committee determines to issue bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness, it shall file with the treasurer a certified copy of the resolution authorizing their issuance at least thirty days prior to delivery to the purchaser of such bonds, notes, of other evidences of indebtedness. At any time prior to delivery, any person in interest shall have the right to institute an appropriate action or proceeding to contest the validity of the authorized indebtedness, the pledge of revenues for the payment of principal and interest on such indebtedness, the validity of the collection and disposition of revenue necessary to pay the principal and interest on such indebtedness, the expenditure of the proceeds derived from the sale of the evidences of indebtedness for the purposes specified by law, and the validity of all other provisions and proceedings in connection with the authorization and issuance of the evidences of indebtedness. If such action or proceeding shall not have been instituted prior to delivery, then the validity of the evidences of indebtedness shall be conclusively presumed and no court shall have authority to inquire into such matters.
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