Chapter 36.89 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.89.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 36.89.020Purpose.
HTMLPDF 36.89.030Authority to establish, acquire, develop, construct, and improve highways, open spaces, parks, etc.
HTMLPDF 36.89.040Issuance of general obligation bondsProposition submitted to voters.
HTMLPDF 36.89.042Issuance of general obligation bondsPayment from revenueAdditional method.
HTMLPDF 36.89.050Participation by other governmental agencies.
HTMLPDF 36.89.060Powers and authority are supplemental.
HTMLPDF 36.89.062Power and authority of counties are supplemental.
HTMLPDF 36.89.065Lien for delinquent charges.
HTMLPDF 36.89.080Stormwater control facilitiesRates and chargesLimitationsUse.
HTMLPDF 36.89.085Stormwater control facilitiesPublic property subject to rates and charges.
HTMLPDF 36.89.092Stormwater control facilitiesAlternative interest rate on delinquent charges.
HTMLPDF 36.89.093Stormwater control facilitiesAlternative procedures for lien on delinquent charges.
HTMLPDF 36.89.094Stormwater control facilitiesAlternative foreclosure procedures on lien on delinquent charges.
HTMLPDF 36.89.100Stormwater control facilitiesRevenue bonds.
HTMLPDF 36.89.110Stormwater control facilitiesUtility local improvement districtsAssessments.
HTMLPDF 36.89.120Stormwater control facilitiesAnnexation, incorporation of area by city or townImposition of rates and charges by county.
HTMLPDF 36.89.130Cooperative watershed management.
HTMLPDF 36.89.900Effective date1967 c 109.


Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.