Chapter 36.87 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.87.010Resolution of intention to vacate.
HTMLPDF 36.87.020County road frontage owners' petitionBond, cash deposit, or fee.
HTMLPDF 36.87.030County road frontage owners' petitionAction on petition.
HTMLPDF 36.87.040Engineer's report.
HTMLPDF 36.87.050Notice of hearing on report.
HTMLPDF 36.87.060Hearing.
HTMLPDF 36.87.070Expense of proceeding.
HTMLPDF 36.87.080Majority vote required.
HTMLPDF 36.87.090Vacation of road unopened for five yearsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 36.87.100Classification of roads for which public expenditures madeCompensation of county.
HTMLPDF 36.87.110Classification of roads for which no public expenditures madeCompensation of county.
HTMLPDF 36.87.120Appraised value as basis for compensationAppraisal costs.
HTMLPDF 36.87.130Vacation of roads abutting bodies of waterWhen authorized.
HTMLPDF 36.87.140Retention of easement for public utilities and services.