Chapter 36.80 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.80.010Employment of road engineer.
HTMLPDF 36.80.015Office at county seatRecords.
HTMLPDF 36.80.020QualificationsBond.
HTMLPDF 36.80.030Duties of engineer.
HTMLPDF 36.80.040Records to be kept.
HTMLPDF 36.80.050Highway plat record.
HTMLPDF 36.80.060Engineer to maintain records of expenditures for equipment, etc.InventoryPhysical archivalPublic availability.
HTMLPDF 36.80.070Plans and specifications to be prepared.
HTMLPDF 36.80.080Cost-audit examination by state auditorExpense.


County engineer defined for diking, drainage, or sewerage improvement district purposes: RCW 85.08.010.
Diking or drainage improvement district, engineer as supervisor: RCW 85.20.050.
Duties relating to
agreements on planning, establishing, constructing, etc., of city streets: RCW 35.77.020, 35.77.030.
diking, drainage and sewerage improvement districts: Chapters 85.08, 85.16 RCW.
flood control zone districts: Chapter 86.15 RCW.