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Public transportation faresSchedule of fines and penaltiesWho may monitor fare paymentAdministration of citations.

(1) A public transportation benefit area may establish, by resolution, a schedule of fines and penalties for civil infractions established in RCW 36.57A.230. Fines established shall not exceed those imposed for class 1 infractions under RCW 7.80.120.
(2)(a) A public transportation benefit area may designate persons to monitor fare payment who are equivalent to, and are authorized to exercise all the powers of, an enforcement officer as defined in RCW 7.80.040. A public transportation benefit area may employ personnel to either monitor fare payment or contract for such services, or both.
(b) In addition to the specific powers granted to enforcement officers under RCW 7.80.050 and 7.80.060, persons designated to monitor fare payment may also take the following actions:
(i) Request proof of payment from passengers;
(ii) Request personal identification from a passenger who does not produce proof of payment when requested;
(iii) Issue a citation conforming to the requirements established in RCW 7.80.070; and
(iv) Request that a passenger leave the bus or other mode of public transportation when the passenger has not produced proof of payment after being asked to do so by a person designated to monitor fare payment.
(3) A public transportation benefit area shall keep records of citations in the manner prescribed by RCW 7.80.150. All civil infractions established by this section and RCW 36.57A.230 and 36.57A.240 shall be heard and determined by a district court as provided in RCW 7.80.010 (1) and (4).
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