Chapter 36.54 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.54.010County may acquire, construct, maintain, and operate ferry.
HTMLPDF 36.54.015FerriesFourteen year long range improvement planContents.
HTMLPDF 36.54.020Joint ferriesGenerally.
HTMLPDF 36.54.030Joint ferries over water boundary between two counties.
HTMLPDF 36.54.040Joint ferries over water boundary between two countiesJoint board of commissioners to administerRecords kept.
HTMLPDF 36.54.050Joint ferries over water boundary between two countiesCommission authorityExpenses shared.
HTMLPDF 36.54.060Joint ferries over water boundary between two countiesAudit and allowance of claims.
HTMLPDF 36.54.070Joint ferries over water boundary between two countiesCounty commissioner duties enumeratedOmission as ground for impeachment.
HTMLPDF 36.54.110County ferry districtsAuthorizedPowersGoverning bodyPassenger-only ferry service between Vashon and Seattle.
HTMLPDF 36.54.120County ferry districtsDistrict may construct, purchase, operate, and maintain passenger-only ferries and wharves.
HTMLPDF 36.54.130County ferry districtsTax levy authorizedUses.
HTMLPDF 36.54.135County ferry districtsGeneral indebtedness, bond issuance.
HTMLPDF 36.54.140County ferry districtsExcess levies.
HTMLPDF 36.54.150County ferry districtsBudget of fund requirements.
HTMLPDF 36.54.160County ferry districtsGeneral property tax levies.
HTMLPDF 36.54.170County ferry districtsTreasurerFerry district fund.
HTMLPDF 36.54.180County ferry districtsNot subject to Washington utilities and transportation commission.
HTMLPDF 36.54.190County ferry districtsDissolution.
HTMLPDF 36.54.200Vessel replacement surchargeUse of revenues.