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Immunity from liability.

Units of local government and their employees, as provided in RCW 36.28A.010, are immune from civil liability for damages arising out of the creation and use of the statewide first responder building mapping information system, unless it is shown that an employee acted with gross negligence or bad faith.


Intent2003 c 102: "The legislature recognizes the extreme dangers present when the safety of our citizens requires first responders such as police and firefighters to evacuate and secure a building. In an effort to prepare for responding to unintended disasters, criminal acts, and acts of terrorism, the legislature intends to create a statewide first responder building mapping information system that will provide all first responders with the information they need to be successful when disaster strikes. The first responder building mapping system in this act is to be developed for a limited and specific purpose and is in no way to be construed as imposing standards or system requirements on any other mapping systems developed and used for any other local government purposes." [ 2003 c 102 § 1.]
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