Chapter 36.24 RCW



36.24.010To act as sheriff under certain conditions.
36.24.020InquestsJuryVenuePayment of costs.
36.24.030Penalty for nonattendance of juror.
36.24.040Duty of coroner's juryOath.
36.24.050Power to summon witnessesSubpoenas.
36.24.060Power to employ physician or surgeonCompensation.
36.24.070Verdict of jury.
36.24.080Testimony reduced to writing in certain cases and witnesses recognized.
36.24.090Procedure where accused is under arrest.
36.24.100Procedure where accused is at largeDelivery of findings to the prosecuting attorney.
36.24.110Form of warrant.
36.24.130Property of deceased.
36.24.140Duty of treasurer.
36.24.150Delivery to representatives.
36.24.155Undisposed of remainsEntrusting to funeral homes or mortuaries.
36.24.160District judge may act as coroner.
36.24.170Coroner not to practice law.
36.24.175Coroner not to be owner or employee of funeral home or mortuaryCounties with populations of forty thousand or more.
36.24.180Audit of coroner's account.
36.24.190Medical examinerWhen authorizedElectionQualifications for appointment.
36.24.200Subpoena for productionAuthority.
36.24.205Medicolegal forensic investigation training required.
36.24.210Accreditation required.


Action against, limitation on: RCW 4.16.080.
Cemetery districts: Chapter 68.52 RCW.
Dead bodies
coroner's jurisdiction over, when: RCW 68.50.010.
coroner's right to dissect, when: RCW 68.50.100.
Duties relating to
execution of judgment: Chapter 6.17 RCW.
human remains, generally: Chapter 68.50 RCW.
public cemetery and morgue, management: RCW 68.52.020.
reports of death caused in motor vehicle accidents: RCW 46.52.050.
successors, delivery of documents and property to: RCW 36.28.120.
vital statistics: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
Labor disputes, arbitration of, service of process by: RCW 49.08.030.
State hospitals for individuals with mental illness, report of death of patient in, given coroner: RCW 72.23.190.
Vehicle of as emergency vehicle: RCW 46.04.040.