Chapter 36.100 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.100.010Public facilities districtsCreationApproval of taxes by electionCorporate powersProperty transferAgreements.
HTMLPDF 36.100.020GovernanceBoard of directors.
HTMLPDF 36.100.025Independent financial feasibility reviewWhen requiredPublic document.
HTMLPDF 36.100.027Statutorily authorized taxing authority.
HTMLPDF 36.100.030FacilitiesAgreementsFees.
HTMLPDF 36.100.035Additional powers and restrictions on district that constructs baseball stadium.
HTMLPDF 36.100.036Donated moneys for baseball stadium.
HTMLPDF 36.100.037Baseball stadium construction agreement.
HTMLPDF 36.100.040Lodging tax authorizedAnnual payment amountPayment of obligationsApplication of other tax provisions.
HTMLPDF 36.100.042Lodging license fee or tax in excess of rate imposed on retail businesses prohibited.
HTMLPDF 36.100.050Ad valorem property tax.
HTMLPDF 36.100.060General obligation bondsTermination, reauthorization of excise tax.
HTMLPDF 36.100.070Acquisition and transfer of real and personal property.
HTMLPDF 36.100.080Direct or collateral attack barred after thirty days.
HTMLPDF 36.100.090Tax deferralNew public facilities.
HTMLPDF 36.100.100Ex officio treasurer.
HTMLPDF 36.100.110Travel, expense reimbursement policyRequired.
HTMLPDF 36.100.120Travel, expense reimbursement policyLimitations.
HTMLPDF 36.100.130Board of directorsCompensation.
HTMLPDF 36.100.140Liability insurance.
HTMLPDF 36.100.150Costs of defense.
HTMLPDF 36.100.160Expenditure of fundsPurposes.
HTMLPDF 36.100.170EmployeesBenefits.
HTMLPDF 36.100.180Service provider agreementsCompetitive solicitation process for personal service contracts of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or moreExceptions.
HTMLPDF 36.100.190Purchases and salesProcedures.
HTMLPDF 36.100.200Revenue bondsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 36.100.205Bonds issued are securities.
HTMLPDF 36.100.210Tax on admissions.
HTMLPDF 36.100.220Tax on vehicle parking charges.
HTMLPDF 36.100.230Transfer of property, assets, and other interests from state convention and trade center public nonprofit to districtNecessary actions.
HTMLPDF 36.100.240Eminent domain authorized.
HTMLPDF 36.100.905Construction2010 1st sp.s. c 15.


Changes in tax lawLiability: RCW 82.08.064, 82.14.055, and 82.32.430.
Sales and use tax for public facilities districts: RCW 82.14.048.
Sales and use tax imposed by public facilities districts for regional centers: RCW 82.14.390.